To Teleport or Not

What situations are there when it would be a good time (if any) to use AKUMA’s teleportation? (DP/B => PPP)

Waking up when your in a corner.Only time i thinks its necessary

against a Denjin?

Its kind of character dependent, but definitely against aegis setups and denjin. You have to be careful against a geneijin, because Yun can easily dash punch to catch up to you. As long as you can’t be hit coming out of the teleport by something, its never really a bad idea.

too bad a smart urien can throw you but at least its better than eating an aegis combo haha, that only applies to not unblockables though, mixups only!

Oh I know, but yeah, its way better than being stuck in an aegis. In fact, there have been times where Urien’s I play would just throw out the aegis and start dashing back to hit me with a launcher. Worked a couple times :sad:

That’s cool, though, because you can condition them to do that, so you can just block the reflector and go about your business.

Teleport can never be the end-all escape from everything. In certain matchups, you just have to let your opponent know you have it and you’re gonna use it, so they do things such as backdash away from you when you DON’T teleport. It’s just another mind game.

sometimes is easily to parry once then teleport than teleport rite away

I’d think, if you’re gonna teleport, reversal teleport right away is the safest possible method, rather than let yourself get ticked out of your parry and teleport input.

is just that i sometimes mess up the timing, so i just parry once then teleport like ryu’s denjin

Should never teleport when chun li’s got meter!

Teleport is great againest Aegis & denjin set-ups, also really good againest Oro his sa2 unblockable cant work on Akuma and if Oro use chooses sa3 and activates you can away from being cornered from rightly timed teleports.