To the buffest filipino I know (aside from me)

Happy birthday mig! :party:

Oh shit, fellow white lovers birthday.


what? It’s Mig’s b-day? Happy b-day man…remember to get your Hot Dickings from Dr. Tran

happy bday dudley! chh chh chh chh

mig does not receive the hot dickings he deals them. suckas

have a good one man

lollll @ jim kim

Have a happy birthday mig.

LOL. thanks all.

and damn right. i don’t receive no dickings. i just pass 'em out!!!

to white girls awwwwwwwwwwwww yeah!


lol… I am late… but anyway, happy yesterday migyoh~…lol

Lol wtf how did i miss this thread??

Happy belated bday miguel!!!

i made this thread for you once before, so whatever!!!

I’ll make it next year, promise!


u so guapo miguel ehehehehe

:wgrin: jk

happy birthday

happy bday miguel how old are you now like 40? good shit ggpo!

Belated Happy bday to Mig! With age, comes wisdom.

Happy bday dude. You may have me beat in the muscle excercises, but I am the President of Penis Excercises.

PS. Block Low!!