(to the people who buy their art labels at FedExKinkos) Fightstick Art Label question


Turns out you need Pay Pal to order the art label. I heard about photoshop, but I haven’t tried photoshop, ever. Also, I heard you can make or get your art label at Kinko’s or something. Point is, I don’t think I want to pay for my art label cause I think most of 'em, you gotta use Pay Pal. Either that, or I’ll just try to find a website where someone makes these art labels for free.


you can go here and post what you want the art to be and hopefully someone will make it and email it to you. You can then save it and take it to a print shop like kinko’s and print it there. You’ll need to cut it out yourself and add it to the stick.

PS, you didn’t need to start a new thread, should’ve just asked in your original thread


Sorry. Still new to the forums. I heard about SRK, just never had the chance to make an account until today.


I tried, I don’t have a Pay Pal account.


You really aren’t going to find anywhere that will print a label for free. Choices are to either get a Paypal account or make your own label in photoshop/GIMP and walk into your local printing shop to pay cash.


Do you have a checking account?? Paypal is basically a extension of your check account so you can pay for stuff online. Its free as long as you don’t receive payments from people then you get charged a fee.


so you have actual money but no paypal account and you just want to print in a regular print shop locally?


2 steps, not 1.

  1. Create the artwork
  2. Print and cut the artwork

First option, you can pay someone to do artwork for you, or head over to the artwork request thread, or do it yourself.
Second, nowhere will print for free. But, if theres an office max around your area, its the cheapest for me. They only charge around $1.50 for cardstock or glossy.
Another option is tek-innovations, you can get the artwork print and cut there but you provide the art. You also can get the plexi there.


I heard most people print their templates at Kinko’s. I know that, but I think you need a glass cover or a Plexi as most people call it. Does Kinko’s sell Plexi covers?


No they do not they can laminate the art with lama label and it has adhesive back to attach it to things but it does not turn out as well as nicely printed picture under plexi glass

Go with Art hobbies good service great product


I recommend biting the bullet, and getting a paypal account. I’ve had one for years, and it will really come in handy in the FGC, as most sites offer PayPal as a means of payment.


Thanks. Also, I already made a PayPal account weeks ago but I didn’t do anything cause I don’t have a debit card. Do they accept Visa Gift Cards? (they’re actually Pre-Paid Credit Cards)


No they don’t accept visa gift cards on paypal :rolleyes:…are you trolling here?
They want you to link a checking account I don’t think it matters about debt card but you do get instant verification if you have a check card, if not you have to wait till you get the small deposits into your checking to verify your account


Thanks. If it looks like I’m trolling, I’ll stop. That’s all I need to know, but I’ll take my chances at Kinko’s first.


If you have a friend that has a paypal account, give them the money and ask them to send it to you. If i knew someone that needed to use paypal but couldnt due to the fact that he didnt have a debit card, i’d take the money from him, and send him the same amount. You dont need a bank account to receive and send money i think.


My art label is finished. I had it saved for both files (psd & jpeg). All I need to know is how much does it cost to get the art label laminated or whatever it’s called. Point is, I have $12, does it cost more or less? (Again, I only want the people who buy their art labels at FedExKinkos to answer this question) The length of my fightstick is 16.9 inches & width is 10.6 inches, so what’s the average inch I need in order for the Art Label to fit to my Hori Soul Calibur V Fightstick (Samwa)?


its only few dollars make sure its right before you leave color size etc they will not charge you till you’re satisfied make sure you pay close attention to the colors a lot of their printers are F’ed up


Thanks, dude. That’s all I need to know right now. I think tomorrow, I’m heading over there to get it laminated. I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for anything that’ll mess up my print.


From what I recall, you should come in with $30. Printing is a separate charge from getting it lamilabled.


Damn it. What is it, is it $30 or is it a few dollars? As I said before, all I have is $12, I really don’t want to go only to find out that I need more than $20 to pay it off.