To the Phillippines!


:wonder:ive been wondering about getting an arcade stick in phillippines, but i have no idea how much does it cost in and the brands they sell for the 360, . anyways comments will be appreciated thanks. btw, you can reply in tagalog if you want to SALAMAT! :angel:


I dunno about 360 sticks here but I use a PS3 “Ikan” brand stick I bought at Datablitz that’s pretty sturdy for 1500php but I’ll mod this after my order from arrives here. Look at 'cause I saw someone selling customs sticks and would make it a 360 stick if you provide a 360 controller PCB


Damn that guy on tpc is sneaky. He’s selling Sanwa JLWs, not JLFs.


1500= 30-35 bucks. ang mura hah. pwede ba mag send ka ng pics? sya nga pala i can get you cheap parts with reasonable shipping overseas compare mo sakin yung price mo sa ahikabarashop!


His TPC handle is feilong right?

My sanwa parts just arrived yesterday and modded my Ikan stick without using any dremel! haha~ I’ll post my mod in Tech Talk some time later… Nakakapagod pala mag mod ng stick… Took me a whole day! but very fun shit nonetheless