To the severely leotarded

…cock-munching ass-giver who is using the GFWL ID: “jabhadouken SRK”, and dropping games:

You are a punk of a bitch-made bitch.

Come see me.

lol punk of a bitch-made bitch it was me :china:

[spoiler=]…it wasn’t me[/spoiler]

You mad bro?

Wait what?

The hell is a GFWL?

Games For Windows Live…

Why thank you!

LOL, u mad?

But man, that’s fucked up that someone has to hide behind someone else’s name.

Is this your fanboy, Jab?
PM if you need to…

I think it was this guy…


I don’t kow whether to be flattered, or to laugh at his unoriginality.

Obvious troll is obvious.

But the fool drops games, according to Missing Person.

He runs, and some dude submitted pics of this douche dropping against a Viper player.

And that kind of pisses me off, a trifle.

In his defense, you two don’t exactly have a super original uncommon name. I’m inclined to believe he’s not actually trolling you but just wanted the name and you had already taken it so he added SRK to the end.


There are so many other, at least as viable screen names out there which are readily available without qualifing them with “SRK”, which, of course brings people who are on SRK to assume it’s me, that this name choice is actually quite suspect, Valaris.

It fairly reeks of trolling.

Implying anyone cares enough to steal your non-original user name. I can’t wait for the first dude who used the user name GOKUxxSEPHIROTHxxAKUMA to complain about all the biters stealing his user name.

Cool attempted ego boost, bro.


There are but the “norm”, if you will, on ggpo/XBL/PSN is to simply add SRK at the end of it. Half the people on this website do it. Mostly the newer members, which I assume he would fit in.

Now I’m not saying he’s not trolling, I’m just saying there’s a fair possibility he isn’t.

Rage mode… is GO!

Only scrubs at SRK at the end.


Ego-boosting ain’ got nothing to do with it.

The dude used my handle, and has already been posted to by at least one guy he dropped against.

Do the math.

A lot of people do it, yes.

But the “SRK” is not in their SRK handle - it’s in their ggpo, etc to refer back to their being said person, sans the SRK qualifier, on SRK.

It felt like this was appropriate.

Click :rofl: Alright I’m done. He’s totally trolling you.