To the severely leotarded

…because he’s a rage-quitter?

And he’s using my name to do so?


And slandering me too, giving his rage-quitter antics.

Hit up Missing Person for the low on that.

Well it’s only trolling if it works…

jab needs to sign up for Life Lock.

So… if a dude drops games under your handle, then sends said pics to a hall of shame site, that wouldn’t bemuse you just a trifle?

Don’t worry. Hugo will smite him for this.



Indeed he shall, my brother Hugoist.

It’s online play, since when has that ever mattered?

And yes, “Grog” is very common, and even here on SRK there have been multiple times people have rocked my AV and tried to troll (not counting iwst99, that was just funny and he even asked first… such a gentelman). Is him doing this hurting your skill level? Will you do worse at tourneys now? No, so just don’t him get to you.


You’re right, Grog.

It just kind of took me unawares - I log in for the first time in a over a day, and the first thing I see is a private message from Missing Person, informing me about this nonsense.

Lol @ iwst99 - that was some good shit!

…I didn’t know he’d asked you first, though.

That makes it even funnier.

Putting jab and hadouken together in a username is so original.

I know, right?

Almost as original as completely missing the point. :tup:

Is jabhadouken really that unoriginal?

Yes, we know what “jab” is…
Yes, we know what “hadouken” is…
Yes, this isn’t the first time someone put 2 known words together and made it a handle…

But “jabhadouken” is NOT “Akuma” or “Ryu”.

I just don’t see flocks of new Street Fighter fans thinking to themselves:

"Man, I love Street Fighter, so what name should I call myself online? What name should I use to show the world my love of the worlds #1 fighting game series?

I know!


ya if anyone should have their name stolen, its me or zero
those are some unimaginative handles if i ever saw them

It’s what I do.:tup:

This thread is why I love Jab’s posts.