To: Them From: You 2010

Who’s on your list, and what are they getting? I just started today.


  • Shoe rack
    -Curling iron (some new one “as seen on tv”
    -isotoner touch screen comp. gloves
    -Candies boots.

Not sure what else yet. Went to get this CK bra she wanted, but they didn’t have her size.

(If this thread is already going elsewhere, bitch slap me with a link and close away.)

Yeah someone post up gift ideas for those females.

Ulterior motive detected!

I need ideas, and I mean to steal yours.

Subscribed for future reference.

Women at my office really like those Pandora charm bracelets.

-future go to gift if she’s into collecting
-bs your creativity by telling her why you bought whatever charm each year
-some are pretty reasonably priced for non-special events
-lets her show off to friends

-some can be ridiculously expensive
-dangerous money pit if she’s really into collecting
-works better for long term relationships

To that end, some hit gifts I’ve given the lady:

-iPhone/ iPod dock shelf system
-iPod Touch (made obsolete by our iPhones)
-Shopping spree (Name the limit, take them out)
-White gold + birthstone jewelry
-Spa gift card
-VS gift card
-Actually go out and buy them bra and panties
-iTunes gift cards
-The Ring counts as a gift if you give it on an occasion

Have her make a wish list. Specifics. Links and such. The presents I’ve bought so far aren’t exciting, but they show I’ve been listening and paying attention. She’s been complaining about not having a place for her shoes. She uses her iPhone all the time, so the gloves made sense. She showed me the curling iron at Target. Get the picture? She’ll spend all year telling you what she wants. Even if she’s not asking for it.


I’m just getting my wife a second bracelet as we’re poor right now lol. They are really good gifts for any woman; moms, sisters, wifes, friends, whatever. good “jewelry” gift that really doesn’t carry any significant meaning with it - great gift for chicks you’re interested in as it’s a cool enough gift but you “didn’t put too much thought into it” to scare them.

Lingerie is last on your list? Are you on the drugs?

Anyway, I ditched the bitch a few months ago so it’s just gifts for the family now. Nephews getting toys, obviously. Basketball hoop for one, Batman something for the other.

Lol I never said I was ranking them in order of importance.

Chipping in to get my dad a new recliner, and a netbook for my mom. Dunno what to get the sister though. I think I’m getting them a year of Netflix, too.

Sister: Nine West purse and wallet. She needs to be more girly if she’s going to land a husband one day. Paint Shop Pro X3 LE.

Mom: Halves on a Gateway NetBook

Dad: Thirds on a new recliner.

Family: Netflix

Almost done!

Ordered a purse/wallet by Guess? for Future-Wife. TD Bank responded by de-activating my debit card (again) without informing me (again). Their order inquiry service opened early today and I was able to salvage the order. Woot.

Her mom gave me the idea to get her a certain perfume from VS. She then bought it for her the following morning. She’s notorious for that, but ultimately it just means more swag for Future-wife.


My dad is getting the complete Sopranos collection on dvd (I got mad lucky and snagged it for like $100 on amazon)
My mom is getting the complete Mash Collection on dvd (again, lucky and got it for cheap)
My older brother’s DS just broke so he’s getting my DS lite. Sounds weird to just give him some of my shit but that DS has been sitting in it’s box for a looong time unused, It’s only been used once or twice.
My younger brother is getting a gift card for EB. I hate giving gift cards but I lost track of which games he owns.
My sister is getting some shirt she really wanted from a local clothing store.

My best friend and I still splurge on each other a lot. She got me a green lantern t shirt, World’s Largest Gummy Worm: Over 2 feet of gummy goodness. and a very large amazon gift card so in exchange got a piece from Trashy and one of the cube pendants from : Pendants: TetrisGems Jewelry (perfect gift for the geek girl btw).

Man, this is just asking to be caught by my wifey. I’m not posting shit. lol

Val: giant gummy? I’m jealous. I didn’t know there was such a thing. I wouldn’t think twice re: DS.

Ronin: your woman is too net-savy or close to SRK lol.

My wifey does software support and software engineering. Syql or whatever that shit is too. I gotta cover my tracks, mayne.