To: Them. From: You. 2011

Christmas is right around the corner. I need some ideas. Maybe you do, too.

So far.

Wife: Kindle Fire, electric blanket, new ear buds.

Dad: Wireless headphones

Sister: Roku media player.

That leaves my mother, and more in-laws than I can count. Give me your ideas, SRK.

Buy local and/or give a home made gift. It’s worth more than just buying them something

I don’t disagree. I’m incapable of making things, but we have some cool local stuff up here. Google the Christmas Dove. That’s here in town. The inherent problem there is that giving Christmas-themed gifts for Christmas kind of sucks.

I’m really trying to think of more stuff for my wife, especially. Girls are tricky since most of them seem to be without hobbies.

Makeup? Perfume? idk maybe a mic if she likes to sing, or a keyboard or guitar if she wants to learn music?

I’m going to get my gf a copy of Crash Bandicoot Warped (what she wants), and maybe some of her favorite perfume and draw her something, or write her a song/poem.


I’m not getting anybody anything for Christmas until they officially change it to “Newtonmas”.


I’m really not kidding about this.

Dick + Box with hole in it.

If you’re feeling extra fancy, + Ribbon.


im broke, so the girlfriend is probably going to get a painting from me. need to buy the shit to do it, nice job reminding me!

It’s a little hard to say Vynce…We don’t know much about The Wife, aside from the few things you’ve told us back when she was Future Wife.

Finally, the AV updates.

I like the idea of writing a song or poem. I’d have plenty of time to work on it, too.

My wife is a girly girl. That said, she buys the makeup she likes, which I’m relatively clueless about. Not really big on perfume.

I was going to get her a straightener she liked, but she insists the one she has is fine.

See, this is why boys are easier to shop for. Hobbies. Imagine if our women (speaking to the majority) really had their eyes set on the hot new video game coming out.

Radiant: Nice av :tup:.

All right. Pulled some strings and got the day off. Our Christmas bonus was only $4k instead of $6k, but that only stands to impede on re-doing the bathroom, not Christmas.

So, I hit the mall. In addition to the Kindle Fire, I got her some ear buds (recently complaining about the stock iPod buds), yoga pants from VS, and an electric throw blanket.

That last one is an inspired gift. Remember: women love blankets, and being warm. Help yourself to that idea. Macy’s has one for $120 that I scored for $47.

Still looking to get a couple more gifts.