To those byoc console tournies

I know everyone wants to run tournies for their favorite garbage game that noone likes to play like Super Ultra Power Paraplegic Bedside Kombat that noone gives a rats ass about but remember that byoc tv’s are limited and that people want to play games. Only reason I am saying this is because alot of poeple want to run tournaments but byoc tv’s are limited so I hope there are no conflicts

bump so everyone reads this because alot of ppl are talking how they want to run full blown singles for alot of games and it seems it might interfere with casual play which the byoc is all about

I agree with this thread.

I think only the marvel team tournament should be ran since it is the most organized side tournament with a reputation in excellence.

I reserve a TV so I can play Super Ghouls and Ghosts for all of EVO :D!

chibi ftw. i wanna see that shit.

Im running (with the help of others) the biggest BYOC tournament at Evo so Im reserving at least 2 TV’s. Im trying to push for 3 (I actually need at least 3 for it to run smoothly) or 4 but we’ll see!:sweat:
Chibi: Super Ghouls n Ghost is hard for no reason. Fuck that I’ll super gun Maximum Carange another game thats hard for no reason at all! lol

I’ll fucking do it, that game is my bitch!

Also, I’ll likely have Melty Blood running on the side, as it gets released the week before on the PS2.

Seriously, I’m going to go practice some speed run shit for Ghouls and Ghosts now!


wtf, the whole POINT of this thread is to say dont bog down with tournaments, and then people come in reserving tvs!??? The fuck is wrong with people:confused:

I thought the rule was if you want to have a BYOC tourney, you had to bring your own TVs?

Where was this rule? Link please?


Here’s the deal with unofficial tournaments:

The ones that have been claimed the longest are the MvC2 team tourney and the SF Alpha Anthology tourney. Both have been posted up for over 1 month. Both of these should happen because 1. the MvC2 teams is pretty much tradition and 2. this is pretty much the ONLY time there will be enough players present to run Alpha Anthologies. This is also the first time we will get a chance to hold a tournament for that game, and a LOT of notable top players are interested in entering.

I know everyone wants to have fun but it’s not fair to people coming to EVO to start claiming TVs left and right. I think that honestly these tournaments should not have more than 1 TV, two MAX, each. To hog 4 tvs, get the hell out of here! I bet the venue for EVO finals is probably the same size as it was for East/West quals so there isn’t going to be a ridiculous amount of TVs available for casual to begin with.

Other side events like a 3s EC vs WC 5 on 5, Guilty Gear slash singles, and other stuff should depend solely on the # of TVs available, and whether or not it is mutually agreed upon to have something hog that station for any period of time.

Another thing you can remember is that if it’s your DC/PS2, YOU dictate what happens at that TV. At EVO East people kept trying to hog MvC2 casuals that were running on MY DC, so I told them after a few games to get the fuck off and let somebody else play. Nobody is allowed to hog shit that they don’t own.

So, let it be known that right now, MvC2 teams and Alpha ANthologies will happen, on a limited number of TVs. Everything else is pretty much going to be a mad dash to TVs to get them.

I’m sure it will all work out like last year, I wanted to ask though can we bring our own TVs to the BYOC?

IIRC, they were rules from past Evos, a year or two ago.

I still plan on hosting some sort of Fist of the North Star tourney/casuals. How many TV’s will there be total?

SNK unofficial tourneys/games have been consistnt as well, but nonetheless i am bringing my own TV…