To those of you going to evo

…I’d like to say good luck to EVERYONE who is participating in evo this year. Don’t matter if you’re a scrub or top player…best of luck to all of you, and remember to have fun cuz it’s all about da games. Just do your best. This goes out especially to those who are participating in this as their first tourney, or those who are just nervous to all hell and feeling doubtful…or both. Again, do your best.

Shout outs to:

Lovelessemotion, eh don’t worry about getting there late…at least you’re getting there in general.

Final Shodown, drop it like it’s hot man…pikachu style!

Vietkhan, after making one too many trips to train in marvel I expect to see you on the dvd.

Ratio1Beatdown and the canada crew, counterhit that shit homies!

To all the Japanese players, ??I

Let’s have a good one this year!

that made my day…someone wishing me luck:(

Ah yes. Good luck to everyone and can’t wait to see your matches :smiley:

Tomorrow’s the day people! Rush that shit down!

Thanks I will need the luck, I suck =[

You and that pessimistic talk! Shame on you!

seriously though, thanks. that meant a lot.

Hey no prob man, have fun!:slight_smile:

Win or lose I’m giving it my all! I’m no J. Wong but still I have a shot!

again good luck to all!

see you there!

I also wanted to give a shout out to everyone going to EVO…can’t wait to meet and play everyone there. Alright see you guys at EVO…good luck…and thanks.


this is going to be my frist tournament outside tekken. im entering cvs2. wooo good luck me.

ill be the guy getting rocked left and right.

using a custom korean stick!

yah good luck to everyone attending
do your best, cuz i know i will be giving it my 110%.
and a little shout out to ocv crew :slight_smile:

Today’s the day. Good luck again everyone and enjoy the tournament.

whoa you live in hacienda heights?

btw, good luck to everyone tomorrow since today is just signups/casuals.

Oh yeah forgot about that. Make the best of today then folks. Practice well.

Congrats to those who made it to the top and my compliments to those who gave it their all. Ratio1beatdown eliminating daigo in cvs2…hahaha shit didn’t see that coming. Looking foward to some footage.:slight_smile: