To those that ordered the tour stick from gamestop in stores

got a corp email today that said that those that preordered the tour. stick will have their preorder filled no later than the first week in march =(

major setback for those that were hoping for a game/stick combo purchase including me.

yeah, i got a similar e-mail from Best Buy stating that my order wouldn’t be filled until March 1st. i’m kinda glad that i cancelled my BB order, saves me money for the new custom i’ll be making this weekend =)

I picked mine up from gamestop two days ago. I wonder what determined who was getting theirs and who wasn’t.

Yea I talked to a couple people while trying to see if any stores had SE sticks tonight and it seems like any shipments that hadn’t gone out already got delayed. From the numbers of minor to major defects I’m betting it was a QC problem that was quickly spiraling out of control. Props to Madcatz if it was and they put their foot down to stop it instead of shipping a wholly troubled product. Hopefully the rest will come with cosmetic and technical flaws stamped out if that’s the case.

That would actually be really good of them if that is the true cause of this delay and would make me happy to wait.

how bad have the defects been? i saw that there was an unhappy about your TE stick thread here but i never knew it was a major issue. its not really a problem for me because i have a hrapsa but still. if they are delaying it because of correcting flaws then kudos to madcatz.