To those who have Deviantart pages

I want to start a new group at Deviantart. Where gonna be called “The Sexy Beasts” so if you wanna join post here and leave your deviantart handle.

Mines is


Hahaha. And what is the purpose of “The Sexy Beasts”? I am no sexy beast, but I like the movie Sexy Beast :slight_smile:

I’m “RonDanChan” on Deviant. Heh, I haven’t bothered to build a gallery or update much at all yet. I keep telling myself that I’ll do it sooner or later though…

I see I have a taker. Dont worry Chain, after you join my group, your “Beast” meter will gradually rise and you will have to beat the women off with a stick lol. That goes for everybody else, so if you want to feel your beastious, join my group.

cool Deon…whats this group of beasts you are talking about? some more info…curiosity thats all:) a group on Devart?? ( sorry if im misunderstanding this) :confused:

DA name is photon-shermiefan. Mine’s not organized nor quite update though. =p

My DA name is muskau ironically. heh

Daaaanng… for real? Well I’m down for anything that increases the Beast-O-Meter. How’s this Dev Art group thing work anyways?

Well I am down deo. Not telling you my da name since you already know. Remember I already have a group with saigonradio and a guy named pete, but being in two groups can be cool.

I’m gonna tell Pete you’re cheating on him. Tears will be shed. Worlds will crumble. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol. Its all good. Im not even sure what groups do but I felt obligated to create one based of the folks from SRK. Sexy Beasts doesn’t mean anything for real. I not sure if you have to create the same group and add the respective names too or do I only have to add you guys to the group. Im gonna find out more about it, So be on the look out.

So are you in Gunstar?

4negs and muskau, I added you guys to my group.

mumbles I’ll show you a sexy beast when Fox whoops the shit out of Gannon next week…

:rofl: Now you know Ganon is “the” Sexy Beast and that Fox can’t hang with him, but we shall see. You better have my comic book paper too!

yo dude…its cool

sure man its cool… count me in too…devartname: GUNSTARheroBLUE

Me too mine is CptMunta

Alright, we gettin’ deep. Before you know it, everybody is gonna want to be sexy beasts like us.


WhiteStorm – Not much there though.

Ledninja, Whitestorm, welcome aboard.

Comic book paper, what’s that??? Oh, and thanks for the $20 it really helped out with the date I had this weekend.