To Toko

My bad, man. I just got your pm around 8-ish and tried to cram in this collab riiiiight before the deadline, but looks like our heroes won’t make the cut this time around. Sorry man. Damn, I wish I was on sooner.

Here’s all I could get done. :sad:

About two hours in.

This right here…

is badass. Good shit!

argh, it looks amazing, man
if only it was finished on time. props for trying though. feel free to finish it for fun if you want =]

awww man… sucks to hear that you guys missed the deadline on this collab :frowning:
did you guys manage to send in anything individually?

man actually you could have turned it in Kando. Udon said on their DA journal as long as they receive it tuesday morning when they check their mail it’ll be fine.

Awww… look power awesome! Shame you didn;t make the deadline.

Did you get your crazy awesome Ryu pic in on time Kando?

nice job kandoken.
awesome composition!

Sorry to bump
but that is amazing

Please finish it in your spare time :wink: