To Trial or Not to Trial...


For some reason I am obsessed with completing trials. It does help with my execution, but I am beginning to wonder if I am wasting my time.
I have completed all the normal trials in SFIV Vanilla and some of the Hard ones.
I have completed 8 of the SSFIV trials and am two trials away from a ninth.
I can sit there and spend hours on just one trial. I just refuse to give up. It definitely is helping with controlling hand spaz and mashing, but am I spending too much time on these challenges?


In terms of practical combos, most of these trials, past trial 12 or so, aren’t viable in an actual match. Of course, this varies depending on which character you’re talking about. It’ll help with getting comfortable with the concept of links and cancels, and how to use the focus attack and dash cancel mechanics. You’re better off learning practical combos that you’ll be using in each and every fight, which can be observed either through playing against an actual opponent, or watching match footage of high level players.

But if you enjoy doing it, then hey, just keep on doing it.


All this time could have been spent becoming better at ur main, trials arent bad for ur execution but do not spend too much time on it.


Learn bnb’s and matchup, not trials. Hell, a good chunk of trials are impractical and aren’t worth the meter/damage/or time to execute.


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It may not help you get better, but it’s a fun way to spend some of your time. I agree with the others that the time would be spent better practicing your main.


I personally use trials as a warmup of sorts for whatever character I’m gonna practice for the day. For example I would go through and complete Bison’s trials and then go to training mode and practice my BnB combos, then hop online for some matchup practice.


The best part about the trials is coming up with creative ways to make them easier for you.


If you’re enjoying it keep doing them!


I agree that if you enjoy it, don’t feel as though you need to stop just because a bunch of people say so. What a lot of people neglect to realize (myself included) is that we play this game for fun. Now, many different people have many different definitions of fun; for some people, winning tournaments is fun, and that is their goal. For others, like myself, it’s fun to make friends, meet people, learn, and most importantly, play!

With that said, the trials are more useful than I think many people are willing to credit. I have also completed > 95% of the trials, and I can say that they help with execution for sure. However, it does get to a point where, if you’re spending hours on one trial, you may not be improving as quickly as you might if you were to just practice your own combos in training mode. In short, the trials are a helpful tool to get accustomed to basic concepts if you are unfamiliar with the genre in general/don’t have as much experience as people who have been playing since 1992.

But, the bottom line is: either do what’s fun (make combo videos, troll XBL, complete trials, etc.), or do what will work towards what’s fun (optimize combos in training mode, learn matchups, grind matches, etc.). Don’t let anyone tell you how you should or should not play the game.


I started trials 2 years after I got the game.


Its not really bad, just do what you do, If you think doing trials help you improve then do them, but advice, switch from trials to training sometime


There’s no spending too much time on something that is practicing. Practice time isn’t some zero sum game. If you’re obsessed with practicing something in SF, ride it out! That’s how you become strong.


I completed all the 3rd strike trials except two. Grrr
And all of the Kofxiii ones. It REALLY helps your execution and when you try bnbs you get them pretty much first try in real matches, cause they feel like nothing to you after completing the hard stuff. I guess your coordination just shoots up or something. Haha
What I did before playing online was hit training mode and trials ALL OF THE TIME. I looked up things on shoryuken wiki and play computers on max difficulty. Then yeah, once I was landing combos on cpus like butter, I hit online. Then it was just so fun to learn so many players strategies and tricks, match ups online. That was my approach to fighting games, and you should have your own. Do whatever you want at your pace.


Thanks All!!!


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