To Udon: About Capcom artists' collaborations

In the comic there are guest artist to covers and back up stories. One of them, Shinkirou is a Capcom artist.

Do you have planned collaborations of other Capcom artist like Bengus, Akiman, Sensei, Edayan…?

It would be great that the main designers/illustrators of Darkstalkers and Rival Schools (Bengus and Edayan respectively if I don’t mistake) could make a cover or something in their respective comics.

By the way, what happened with Bengus? It seems that he don’t work with Capcom since a few years ago. He canged his name to Edayan or he left Capcom? If he left, were does he work? And do you know if he worked sometime outside Capcom?

We are in the talks with other Capcom artists to do us covers. It all depends on their schedules. They are very busy people and they rarely have time doing other work. I believe the next Capcom Artist cover will be from Edayan.

Bengus, as far as I know, is still working at Capcom, but is more into game development side then the art side. That is why we have not seen much of his art lately.

This is good news. I would love to see a other capcom artist do a cover for the street fighter comic. Good news.

yea that is great news, edayan is my faovrite artist, his cover gonna be awsome…btw.the artworks from DS3, Marvel super heroes vs. street fighter was done by CRMK or Bengus? who ever he is, udon should invite him to do some covers or back up story, he is an awsome artist…

Thanks Udoneko! I love the Edayan’s works :slight_smile:

MVS vs Street Fighter artworks -> Akiman (main), Sakomizu, Ukabin

DS3 (also know as Vampire Savior) -> I don’t remember exactly, but Bengus is the main artist in Darkstalkers(Vampire) and Night Warriors (Vampire Hunter), the previous releases of this series. I don’t remember so well, I’m not sure but I think that DS3 was done by CRMK (and/or Bengus).

Someone said that CRMK and Bengus is the same person with different nicknames, but remember that it’s only a rumor. Lots of Capcom people used various nicknames in the staffs of the games. Try to play the game and beat the arcade mode, the staff roll will answer your question.

OR you could check the Capcom Design Works art book. And I’m pretty sure CRMK did all the Marvel/X-Men vs stuff. Not to mention Powerstone and Darkstalkers 3, I think. Plus, SFA and SFA3 Not too sure about 2 the EC and Capcom book seem to be at odds on some of the pictures. Also, according to the Eternal Champions art book, he did most the work for Super SF2. Someone else did the art for SF3:3S, however CRMK did the Akuma picture.
My copy is boxed up right now, but someone else can double check me.

Bengus and CRMK are the same person, you can tell by the artwork and it even says so in Capcom Design Works art book.

Same Person.

ok i checked the Capcom Design Works, CRMK did the SFA3, Marvel vs capcom 1 &2, darkstalkers 3 and 2 i think,marvel superheroes vs. street fighter and xmen vs street fighter…but in the end of the marvel vs street fighter game, akiman was the one that was shown in the artist staff…it cant be, because their drawing style is exactly the same…

This is ridiculous! There is no mystery here people! All the artists are credited for the work they have done!

People who think that Bengus and CMRK are two different people are wrong. Bengus changed his nickname to CRMK, CRMK did the illustrations for:
Darkstalkers, Nightwarriors, Vampire Saviour,
Super Street Fighter, Street Fighter Zero 1, 2 and 3, Street Fighter EX and Street Fighter EX2 .
X-men vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter , Marvel vs Capcom and Marvel vs Capcom 2,
Star Gladiator and Plasma Sword.

Akiman didn’t do much illustration work after SF2 but he did design work for Street Fighter 3 and it looks like he did some animation keys as well.

Apathy-Inc and Crazydiamond, take a look at the staff roll of that games, you’ll find there who made each work.

When I’m talking about who did the artworks of a game, I’m talking about who made the character designs (sketches, drafts, concept), v.s. screen, endings and cover illustrations, not random pics to a magazine cover or a flyer.

If Akiman isn’t quoted to MSH vs SF in the Capcom Design Works artbook, could be because most of the design works (character design) of games like SF, SF2 World Warrior- Super SF II Turbo, SF Alpha, Vampire, Vampire Hunter … where showed previously in the lovely artbook “Capcom Illustrations”, so they don’t included all in newer artbooks like “Capcom Design Works”.

Instead, they included other illustrations of that games (of flyers, magazines, newer console versions, etc). And obviusly, the character design and other stuff of the games newer than “Capcom Illustrations” like SF3, and other non-fighter games like Breath of Fire or Gaia Master, or games older than “Capcom Illustrations”, but not included on it.

If I said that Akiman, Sakomizu, Ukabin did the MSH vs Street Fighter artworks, it’s because the staff roll of the arcade version tell that.

Akiman worked in a lot of games after SF2, working on a lot of things, like planning (of the games), character designs, vs screens, endings, covers and other kind of illustations. His last work is Red Dead Revolver.

Now I’m taking screenshots of Capcom game endings (including the staff rolls) for a big Capcom Fan Site that I’m building. Soon I’ll post here a link to a preview version. It would help on that question and other mentioned on other threads (Street Fighter 2010, by example).

Oh I see. I was talking about who actually did the official character artwork for the game, the likes of which appears on the movelists stickers and other promotional material. It’s blatantly obvious who did these because one can tell by the style of the artist and the little name that is credited on the page in Capcom’s official illustration books.
Although as far as character endings and VS screens go, usually the artist who did the character art also did these. And that can usually be easily confirmed by simply looking at the art and recognizing the style.

i know bengus/crmk and akiman had their own web page…anyone know their web page?

CrazyDiamond, excuse me. I don’t speak english so well and I misunderstunded you. Now I’m agree with you.

To Dan, from another forum (quoted from Master Warrior):
“AKIMAN” does have his own personal Website, which is mostly in Japanese. Below is the link to it:

As for “BENGUS” (a.k.a CRMK), I 'm not sure, but I THINK I might have found his Official/Personal WebPage (I could be wrong, though). Try the web link below: (It’s called “CHECK ZIPPER”).