To Udoneko and Udon staff


I had just read through your post in the thread titled “An Honest Opinion from a hardcore fan”. In the post you almost sounded like you were losing confidence in the project, but please do not!

You guys are all doing a great job in creating a wonderfully illustrated and enjoyable book that appeals to both die hard fans and comic book readers in general.

Here in SRK you get to here the opinions of hardcore fans but not so much of those from casual fans.

For example, I was at my friend’s (who is a casual comic collector) place last week and just out of the blue he said to me: “Do you know what comic really impresses me right now? The SF comic. It’s like watching the cartoon. The art is really good too.” He then said to me he learned that the comic is done by fans of SF and their effort really shows.

Your effort is definitely not unnoticed. I have introduced the book to other friends (at least one of them is collecting it and another is deciding on purchasing the trade). All are very impressed with the quality of the book, both the storytelling and the art.

People can readily tell that you guys care about the series.

Keep up the good work!


Admittedly I don’t have any mates who like SF tch, but then again for the comics the US seems to be the main focus for these comics anyway but seriously youve approached the story well & it’s doing great, I thought you was impressed with how it’s selling? Please keep it up you tell 'em V lol.


hey udoneko… i’m a big complainer when it comes to street fighter but i think you guys are doing an amazing job. It’s easy for me to point out the bad things but i can go on forever about how cool the comic is. i’ll still complain but whatever you guys put out i’ll be there to support and buy my comic. i’m just here for quality control.



i think everyone truly enjoys it and their comments are just constructive critisim althought there were some comments tthat were pretty crude.

keep up the good work. we appreciate your efforts.


To Udoneko, I would also like to extend my thanks to you and the rest of the talented guys at Udon for all your wonderful work!

My brother and I have been SF fans since SF2 first came out (when we were 9 and 7 years old), and that’s a long time! We’ve loved the various Anime incarnations, and I know the official storyline. Personally, I love the way you guys are handling it. The official canon is way too convoluted and complicated to fit into a monthly book.

You guys have captured the spirit of the story and essence of the characters, and that is all that I care about. As an SF fan, I can tell that this book is made by fellow fans, and I’d consider that a tremendous compliment to you guys. What’s more, you’ve managed to make the characters fight the way they do in the game, and that can’t be easy to do with a comic! I do consider myself a hardcore SF fan, but I think you guys have done as good a job as can be done with a game series with as many different games and story changes and contradictions from game to game as SF has.

My brother and I are always there to grab the SF books each month at our local comic shop, and we barely manage to get them since they are almost always sold out! We’ve had to start reserving them. We plan to stick around and keep on getting the books, not because we feel obligated to as fans of SF, but because we love the book! And as far as artwork goes, we have no complaints. Sure, the Charlie vs Bison fight looked different, but certainly not worse in my opinion! Its all good to me.

I apologize for this long message, but I hope you read it Udoneko, because it is how my brother and I, as well as our friends (who are just casual SF fans) feel. I know we are not alone. You guys deserve some serious praise for sticking with this project knowing that you can’t please everyone. You are appreciated, and I felt it important to let you guys know that. Keep up the good work!


I should correct myself. Technically, we’ve been fans since SF II: Turbo came out for SNES a couple of years later… we were a bit too young to be in arcades in 1991. Hehe. Still, since around 93/94, that’s a long time!

I also wanted to add that I like Long Vo’s work. I know people have complained a lot about it.

One last thing, you guys have built up a commendable amount of tension leading up to the Akuma fight. Ryu is my favorite character, and Ken is my brother’s, so this is the fight we’ve been waiting for! You guys have done an excellent job in building up Ryu, Ken, and Akuma for this fight, and I have absolutely no worries for issue 6. I know it will be great, I have utmost confidence in you guys!

I’ll stop ranting now, and end by adding one last kudos to you and the rest of the guys at Udon!


I was going to post an appreciation thread for udon, but since V Made this one,it will do just fine here. I wanted to thank udon for making the ONLY comic series I collect. I love every single issue, and I promise you that I am a hardcore street fighter fan. The artwork is beyond words and the story is incredible in the short amount of pages we get, plus the huge amount of characters to fit in. i have three friends I got into this series and they think the artwork and story are great also.Please trust me in saying that this comic series IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! I hate when people gripe about things all the time, and some of these people seem thankless at the amount labor you guys put into this amazing series. We all be thankful and blessed we even get street fighter comics as amazing as this. I know I have to go to my comic shop on the very day the new issue comes out or I will miss it. All three comic book shops in my area sell out of every single cover in less than a week, and the foil cover usually the day it comes out. I buy every single cover,plus foil, because they are too cool to pass up. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Udon, you make me very happy everytime I walk into my local shop and see the brand new street fighter comic waiting there for me! Here is hoping the series last for many years to come. I feel this time around it will!


I’ll agree that there isnt enough praise for Udon as there are complaints. Half the things on here are just bitching about pointless stuff. I know one customer doesnt make much difference, but I am very pleased with SF, and I dont mind spending $30+ for new books despite the minor flaws. Hats off to Udon, and especially Siu Chong (because he doesnt get enough credit) for handling Street Fighter the way I would. :cool:


Your project is great Udoneko. I know it’s been tough and the rewards have not been as high as predicted, but over all it’s so great, I only see the fanbase growing. I myself am always anticipating the next issue and who to suggest to read the series. Keep up the pride in your work.


I thank Udon and udoneko very much for this terrific Street Fighter comic series. Who else would’ve done the SF comic series, i bet no company would’ve pick up the SF series. Thank god for udon or we wouldnt be seening the upcoming
Ryu/ken vs. Akuma fight::eek: I cant wait til march 17, 2004:p

and this is just the begining. :cool:


As an above poster did, and I forgot to do, I’d also like to compliment Siu-Chong on his great work on this series. As was said above, he truly doesn’t get enough credit.

To udoneko, I hope you know that most people here know that you and the rest of the guys at Udon DO care about the book’s integrity and about us. Most of us know you aren’t in it solely for monetary gain, for if you were, you wouldn’t have chosen Street Fighter. Its clear that, like you’ve said before, this is your dream to both do an SF comic and to give SF fans a great SF comic. Well you guys have done just that!

Sure, people have constructive criticism, but they still love the book and believe in you guys, otherwise they wouldn’t bother putting in their two cents. Just don’t let negative accusations against you guys get to you because its not the general sentiment.

Keep pursuing your dream. We’re gonna be here to see it through, and we’re gonna do our best to expand the audience.


I think you’ve nailed it, sure sometimes we have some criticisms but that’s not to say we don’t like the comic series it’s just our opinions on how we feel it could be improved, Udoneko you shouldn’t take that so personally no offence intended.

BTW remember that we are only few of the fans here there are many more around the globe I’m certain.


And i personally think Long Vo’s art rox. That pic of Bison floating in the air with psycho power on his hands totally blew me away. And of course, when Charlie did his somersault justice!


Thanks Udon…

I would want to thank you guys for drawing this wonderful comic, the artwork in Issue 1 really amazes me, I’ve really never seen much amazing SF artwork like these. You guys now got me hooked into comic books and I really wish this series wouldn’t end for another 2 years. Although the artwork in Issue 5 dissapointed me a little, I don’t really mind. I’ll always support your comics, so thanks Udon.




thanks udon

You guys who are making the street fighter comics. I normally don’t post much, but you guys deserve a big thanks from all the hardcore streetfighter fans. The guys at the comic store I go to know that if they see me it must be that the newest issue of streetfighter just came out. I am extremly thankful for your great art work and stories. I love the way the characters fight by using their actual moves from the game. I am always happy to give my hard earned money for your top quality, super awesome street fighter comics.
Thanks again Udon keep up the good work!!