To Veterans/Pros (SF4) How fun are 2D fighters to you as a whole?

I’m talking end-game, once you’re dead nasty. How fun are 2D fighters (mainly street fighter games) to you? On a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being the highest).

Coming from an intermediate level I feel like they can be dull at times but thrilling at other times. I like SF4 because of the competitive community around it, and I do and always have enjoyed fighters, but I must ask… does it get more fun the better you get?


if you have good comp to play with the fun increases without limit

I’ve logged in a lot of hours on 3s and ST but the most fun I’ve ever had were at meetups or at the arcade. Especially when you see your fellow players level up. If you live in Cali or NYC with so much comp around the fun is always there. I can only imaging how much better it is in Japan.

But it does get more fun the better you get, but that coincides with the comp available to you imo. Tournaments are a blast too

It never get’s old… just do your best!.. give 100%.

It only get boring when you don’t give it your all.:cybot:

I think the games are only fun once you, and the players surrounding you, have gotten very good at the games.

Until that point, people are just pressing buttons, and it doesn’t mean much. Once the game becomes about out smarting somebody else with full knowledge, then the games are fun. Until then, shit is lame, IMO.