To Zenmaster Z


Yo man I sorry I’m getting on your nerves I just thought you could teach me some new stuff but I guess Forreners arent welecome here but hey waddaya you gonna do right. well I wont bug you anymore ok… here is another pic I did anyways. His name is Siwon tell me what you think than I’m done bugging you.


i think the main reason everyone is upset with you is because you keep making up new forums. either reply to previous posts or just use private messaging. i think a lot of people will find it inappropriate to start a new forum when you addressed it to a single person.

well, as far as your picture goes, i think you should take art classes if they offer any in your school. you will learn a lot from what they have to offer. i only took a class at college, but it helped nonetheless. dont try and copy other works, but try to draw from what you see.

do not worry about coloring. you need to improve your sketches. also, drawing characters isnt enough. although i havent shown you any of my pictures with backgrounds, i assure you i try to include backgrounds to most of my pics.

sorry to lecture you, but this is my opinion of what i think you are doing wrong.


well I only been drawn’ for 3 yrs so gimmie a break and I drew that Siwon upside down but what ever you say I’m crap your not
but I don’t copy work I never copy work there just sketches that I did reak fast but here is one I tryed on so here you rip this apart.:bluu:


its ovious that you care so I’ll post only good work and stuff that I did on paint ok will that make you guys feel better???

See you around Space Cow boy.


Well there must be somthing going on. First you draw this peice of crap and then come ouy with a beutiful masterpiece. Doesn’t add up man :bluu:


unless you are trying to impress someone, dont worry about the criticism that doesn’t have to do with improving your technique. having someone color or stuff or alter your sketches won’t help you improve the fundamental picture. the best thing about these forums is just sharing your stuff, hearing the yeas or nays, then keep drawing - and if you pick up a few tips (like that first ryu, work on perspective, his face was not shaped properly for a face half turned towards you) then more power to you.

and ya what was said above about not starting new threads is just forum courtesy, has nothing to do with art :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey all i guy really wants is tips and advice frome someone who knows what they are doing, and the picks that I posted are either quick sketches or done with my left hand ( I’m right handed) but what ever I guess I just makeing excuses. Thanks for the tip yo. Here tell me all about this one!!!


yo dude, dont take it personally. i just wanted to tell you what your works lacked, that’s all. i am glad you decided to not just focus your pictures to fantasy. the new stuff looks great.


ell thanks but I just wanna be good at every thing not just one style… c’mon you have to know how that is