Toaru Majutsu no VIRTUAL-ON


Toaru Majutsu no VIRTUAL-ON is the greatest magical anime character in a giant robot twin stick fighting game ever… or so this would say if this were an affinity thread.

But in any case, new VIRTUAL-ON, but as a crossover with A Certain Magical Index, which means chuu-something anime characters with powers now control the mechs and give them extra posers or such.

Coming to PS4 and Vita in 2018.


Whelp, my dick is officially confused.


Happy to have more Misaka, but not sure what to think about this :rofl:


TGS gameplay.


I forgot this was a thing. Thanks for sharing.


Opening cinematic.


the demo is out on JP PSN, for PS4 and Vita. CPU battle and tutorial only, with all 13 characters playable. no customizable controls though developers on twitter say you will be able to rebind stuff in the final version.

apparently the Vita demo supports ad-hoc multiplayer? no confirmation on this since I don’t own one and don’t know anyone who does.


Can someone explain to me the logic behind this? Like is this just sega didnt want to VO to die so by any means necessary they were like please someone collab with us and they made this game? Seriously I cant understand it at all… I have not caught up with a certain magical index railgun whatever in YEARS. So I have no idea for all I know they could be fighting in mechs at this point for some reason.


For all we know, someone at Dengeki is a fan of VO.

That, or they wanted to revive the franchise, but corporate wasn’t confident that it would sell on its own.


I am not complaining about it tbh.
The Toaru Majutsu cast is some of my favorites on anime.


Game is out now. 8629jpy on PSN.