TOBAL 2 Money Matches! *BYOC*

So who wants some funk in the best console fighting game of all time, TOBAL 2!!!

This game was WAY beyond its time, I still wish 3d fighters would have a throw/reversal system as good as this game had it. Perfection I tell ya.

So ill be bringing this along, so anyone that thinks they have funk in this can step up =P BRING IT!!!

Gren, Choco and Mary will dominate all =D


Dammit, now this makes me really want to go to Evo. :frowning:

But the question remains, is Mark (1st Form) banned? =x

Hell yeah, Get Mark out of here =P

Lol we can have Mark vs Mark matches tho =D

Come on, I know there are more Tobal 2 players out there. Secretly hiding, well its time to come out and represent yo shit!


maaaan i havent played this game FOREVER… damn you are soooo right about how it was way past its time.
well ill go for a money match if i ever find my copy :wonder: … I feel like a scrub because i forgot a characters name he looks like the grand ki on dbz forgot what his name was, but he was sick!!!

Oh goodness, I forgot all about this game. I will also go for a money match if I can dig my copy up. :smiley:

Del the Funky Homosapien bitches!!! :rock:

Hold up! Hold up! Did niggaz say Tobal 2!!!
Chuji, Mary, Wyvern WHATS REALLY GOOD!!!

Cole: You be doing it dirty in this too!? hahaah MM sounds good I like that fuck it get enough ppl for a tourny, me and some of my boys from NY play!
You like that??? hehe

btw are you allowing “Every” charcter if so I know about a good 5 noone can beat!!!

Lol hell yeah foo im down for a little tourney on this shit. No secret characters , I say current starting chars. Start using the animals and other unlockables its gonna get cheesy real quick lol. Niggas is DOWN tho!!! NICE!!


TOBAL 2 is ON!

Chuji, Oliems, Epon, and Mary player here… Now I’ve got to dig up my copy and try relearning all of my juggles. Might as well grab Tragic’s combo FAQ and get to it… This game was way too good for its time, and it would be nice to play people who actually play the game and not your staple anime Square geeks.

Wanna play at Evo East Jeron?

Wtf Todd you play Tobal 2… we’re gonna have to bring that shit over to phi’s…


wtf, i play Tobal 2? Son, I define old school. =P

sweet… are you going by Phi’s tonight? If so, we can play a few matches, and I can try to remember how to play/combo.

Nah… i would but I’m going to the Yankee / Athletics game


gren, mary, and chuji owns everything in that game… except mark… :slight_smile:

i’d go and take all of your money… but i don’t have the money to GET to evo…

i’ll play ppl in NY / NJ / PA area… let me know what’s up. i just wish i still had the game… i forget how to play… haven’t touched it in about 3 or so years.

Its a deal! Looks like I gotta do the same! :slight_smile:

Come to Evo East!

Damn quite a few Mary players here! I’ve liked her from 1! The Big Brolly Russian Butch Broad plays no games!!! ^.^