Tobal 2 - Worth Owning?


Been eying the rerelease of Tobal 2 for a while now, but I haven’t managed to pull the trigger. How is the game in this day and age? Good to the point where I’d definitely want to pick it up?


it was rereleased?


hell mother fucking no.


I personally like the game alot. It’s definetly differnt, but at the time of it’s release it was really slick looking and just plain cool. Still is to me, it also has a weird rpg mode but it’s all in Japanese.

There was never an American realease, I don’ think a Euro one either. Jap only as far as I know, so thats what you’ll have to hunt down.


I would get it but I will buy anything related to Capcom,Square, or Namco


All i know is that I seriously wish I didn’t lose my import version of it so many years ago.


Hah I just got this game on my psp today.


Definitely a good game, good innovations, though all in all I never enjoyed it so much. Somehow I liked the engine, it looked great but it didn’t click for me.


i think i’ll buy a psp so i can play it again

thats how good the game is.

if you didn’t have any comp and you don’t know much about the reversal system and just frames that are all over the game, you might think it sucked.

pretty crazy stuff for it being an older 3d game.

w gameshark i think you could play with more than 200 or so character, most are worthless, some have pretty funny shit,

its pretty funny to beast on a chocobo by riding it around until it passes out


I think theirs a fan translated version flying around.


I know where to get it, (the FANSUB) if someone’s interested.


get it…the fighting engine is kinda weird but its cool…the game has kinda a calm mood to it…with the relaxing type music and the back grounds…also they have the quest mode…similar to Ehrigez (that one game that has ff7 characters). if anything get it cause its a fighting game…


Yes. Get this game. It was ahead of it’s time at release.


Tobal 2 got me back into believing that 3D fighters could be good at a time when they weren’t very good at all compared to 2D. Tekken and VF2, while alright stuck the players on a 2D plane. In Tobal you can move all over the arena (much like VF4) and unlike a lot of other games that were out at the time it actually works (and this was 1997).

I wrote a review of it back in the day:

The game is slower than Tekken/VF4, but the grappling system is the best I’ve played (VF’s is mash in comparison) as you have a ton of choices, hit high, hit low, push away, try different throws, etc.

One of the best things about it is when a character blocks and attack, the attack animation is stopped at a certain frame and you are left open for counters when you pull big attacks.

Combos are VERY hard however, and are frame timed IIRC, but damn fun when you get them.

It sucks to have to unlock Mark, because unlike most of the 200+ characters, he has a fully fleshed out moveset.