Tobal no. 1 and Tobal 2 are among the ultimate fighting games masterpieces ever! Quest mode epic!


Oh yea Tobal games are ultimateness. I played the original Tobal no. 1 and also imported Tobal 2, and used some device plugged in back of the PS1, combined with a CD swap method that allows playing it on english PS1. the device even doubled as a cheat code device, so was able to complete Quest mode as well as unlock all characters, which are about 200 playable characters xD

Tobal no.1 has the most emotional fighting intro, introduced 360 degrees free movement in 3D fighting, and Tobal 2 improves upon everything!!


Im just gonna say that i think Tobal 2 is has some of the smoothest fighting and best mechanics in a 3D PS1 fighter ive played. It feels good to play and was really awesome when i got a hold of the fan translation. Anything more than that is very debatable.


Hey, a broken clock is wrong at least twice a day.


great action vids here!!


Tobal was the first fighting game to introduce “tripping”.

If you back dashed too much, you’d trip.

Great mechanic.

Also best female character in a fighting game ever -


I had Tobal No. 1 but no memory card so I never got to experience much of the story mode. It had some of the smoothest and most polished 3D graphics of any PS1 game. And that robot character made a really annoying noise that used to get on my nerves. Haven’t played Tobal 2.

Does anybody know what “Tobal No. 1” even means? Is the No. 1 part because it’s the first game? Cuz that’s weird if it is.


it can be interpreted as the first game, or the name of the tournament, or title symbolizes the objective of determining the #1 fighter in Tobal tournament.


I really wish Square-Enix would revisit this series although the developing company that made it is gone. Would be a nice change of pace with technology today, I’m pretty sure they can make the game look & play better.

My favorite characters were Chuji Wu, Gren Kuts, & Epon.


The nostalgic gamer in me would want that too, but the realist in me would guess the game probably wouldn’t sell well based on its past trend. But, who knows? This thread brings back some fond memories, though.


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