TOD question.

What is the easiest thing to link after the LL in the Touch of Death combo?

I’ve seen: cr. strong, cr. jab cr. strong, and close st. fierce.

It seems I’ve gotten more success with linking close st. fierce, but I don’t have the frame data, so I wanted to know if anyone could help me out with what’s easier to link.

-HK Lightning Legs: +6 on hit; -3 on block

-c.LP: 2 frame start-up
-c.MP: 4 frame start-up
-far s.MP: 5 frame start-up
-close s.HP: 3 frame start-up
-close s.HK: 4 frame start-up

If you’re close enough, c.LP, c.MP xx Kick Super or close s.HP xx Kick Super would be the easiest moves to link after (as well as being the 2 most damaging options). Otherwise, c.MP xx Kick Super would be the best choice (I use c.MP most of the time so I don’t have to worry about range).


Thanks a bunch.