Today is Fishjie's birthday


Anybody who doesn’t wish him well is a waste of life and needs to die of some kind of parasite. A bad one. Like the creatures that live in the Amazon River and swim up your urethra to set up camp.

Anyway, happy birthday Fishjie.


Happy Birthday Fishjie…:tup:


Can I wish him a happy birthday AND get the parasite up my peehole?

Happy B-day anyway, fishyjies.


Happy Birthday Motherfucker. Come to Evo!


^ Yeah! You can argue with Gabe over my signature. And I want more fat girl fuck stories :party:

For those that don’t know what Jie looks like:




You so old now, Happy Birthday!


oh damn you old son, dont be gettin shot with tazers

confession back in the early days I mixed up fishjie and airthrow a few times, guess i couldnt remember which one was the hooker one and which one was the gay porn reviewer



Anyway, good job not dying so far. The streak is intact.


Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday Fishjie! Try not to get heartburn.


And many pics from @Matriarch on your day.


Religion is for dummies.

Happy Birthday Fish


I hope you get into a midlife crisis and go back to fucking whores. Happy b day.


Happy b-day, shout outs to the friend zone!


Fishjie!!! I had no idea you were asian until you posted those pics of getting hit by that tazer.



Happy Birthday. May your day be taser-free and the call girls plentiful.


May the Lord bless you and keep you in His good graces.


Happy birthday, yo.


Fishjie gets hit by a tazer then goes out on vacation to Mongolia so he can have vultures on his arms. Fishjie is the manliest asian in SRK.

He is the anti-kawaii.

He fucked your white women and they were happy about it.

Happy birthday, Fishjie!


Don’t catch an STD you can’t throw back from one of them WHORES!