Today's a bad day?

I’ve had days like that, though not as bad as the OP :confused:

Usually that means you actually put the fucking quote in your sig.

EASY baby, I had to step away from the desk. Hhahahah!

The best thing about the worst day ever is that every bad day after that will still be bad but it won’t be as bad. Until the next worst day ever. Also worst day every should last at least 6 months.

That’s harsh bro. My suggestion is to combine the shittnyness and make it work for you, think of a way to include your mean ex, a carpenter’s knife, and a brick. I’m sure you’ll come up with something, then you’ll get revenge on the evil that is karma.

On an unrelated note I finally got one of those avatar thingies. Custom made by a professional artist just for me.

look at it this way…

it can only get better from here…


Good GOD your signature is huge.

Also don’t say that, saying that always makes it worse!

Well, with any luck it will only get better from here. I thought I was having a bad day with the wife all angry and such but at least my jaw is intact.