Today's Costume Packs

Anyone know if they’re up yet? They were supposed to be released today.

Not up yet, here on the French marketplace.
Shouldn’t be too long before they’re up :wink:

Any news yet?

I’m in the UK and they’re up here but you have to access them from the in-game DLC screen on the main menu. They don’t seem to be up on the dashboard marketplace yet.

sweet thanks

I picked them up from US XBL few hours ago. Very sweet.

Anyone noticed that Oni has battle damage on his alt 2?
If you beat him up you can clearly see that his body falls apart, you can see the energie floating inside of his body, pretty neat.

For 360 users, theyre not showing up on XBL Games Marketplace but if you go to the in game marketplace from the main menu then select the SSF4AE DLC sub menu you can buy them from there.

For those who dont know yet, Number 10 on Alt 1 for Yun and Yang are extra alts like Sakura, Dudleys and a few other characters. So you have Restaurant, Casual and then Yun has a vest with some trousers and no cap, Yang has trousers and wristbands, no top kind of like Fei Longs original if you can picture that in your head but on Yang.

They are in the DLC menu now.

Any news on the europe ones? Last time I checked they still werent there -_- stupid psn.

Check the in game market place menu.

PSN not 360…

Love Evil Ryu long hair brown costume version

Yeh but it may be worth checking. I saw someone on youtube comments say they did that and someone also just used psn search to find it.

Quick question for anyone who knows. I bought the complete costume pack for SF4 for the PC a whiles back. Is that still good for AE, or do I have to buy it all over again?

Yea that version is really cool…capcom could have done much better with Oni’s alternate versions, talk about piss poor creativity thinking those up.

I actually quite like Onis costumes. I think it was numbers 9 and 10 on Alt 1 which are the gold and the white ones which look pretty epic and then alt 2 has some cool body damage so I guess they decided to strip his clothing down to a Huggies nappy just to show it off more.

I think the red one on alt 1 makes him look like Oni got his head stuck in a candy floss machine and some of the others make him look like an angry ice cream mascot, all he needs is a cherry or a chocolate flake bar. Gold and white are all you need though.

Im not a fan of E.Ryus long hair because it looks like hes being attacked by a squid. Kind of reminds me of one of the bosses you had to fight in The Dishwasher Vampire Smile, he was called Squidface and he was a symbiotic squid which latched onto a body and controlled it to do evil things. I was glad to kill that boss.

I hope capcom comes out with another costume pack for oni and evil ryu, i’m sure they will because SSFIV had two or three costume packsif not mistaken.

Still aren’t avaiable yet (AEPC)

my nigga yang looking extra crispy in his alt 2.