Todays stream footage archived somewhere?

i missed most of todays SSFIV play due to me not being at home-
i wanted to come home tonight and watch what went on today, but i cant find the footage archived anywhere (i only found up until justin wong fight arubikai but nothing past that)

is todays footage up anywhere?

Level|Up Live 07/10/10 04:55PM, Level|Up Live 07/10/10 04:55PM leveluplive on USTREAM. Gaming Entertainment

here’s some fo it.

yeah, thats the video that only goes up until justin fights arubikai

nothing past that got archived?

Here’s about 2 hours of footage: - come, watch and chat - EVO 2010 (FINAL DAY) STARTS @ 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST || Pre Show starts hour Early! Jul 10 2010 at 10:37PM EDT



Oh nice, is this the entire Semis bracket?

If you look to the right there is a list of other vids labeled as semi-finals; a 120 min vid and 30 min vid.


thank you

Haha indeed there is. Not used to JTV’s setup… noobie is I. Thanks alot bro! :china:

I also missed SSF4, so thank you for posting the link :china:.

I’d like to see the match that knocked Tokido to losers, against JR. Which video is it in?

that happened in pool, not in semis, and it didnt happen on the main stage, so i dont think it was even recorded

but you might want to check JRs youtube account later in the week, he does have someone film his matches pretty commonly

I assume someone will record the stream tonight? It’s now on ustream (dunno what happened to level up, maybe they could handle the numbers tuning in) so it’s fairly straightforward to record it.

Do you have the link to the segment of the stream for HDR pools?

These are the semis I think.

Fast foward to 1:24 - come, watch and chat - EVO 2010 LIVE! (2nd Day) Tekken 6 || SSF4 Semi @ 3:00 PST || Jul 10 2010 at 4:20PM EDT

More HDR - come, watch and chat - EVO 2010 LIVE! (2nd Day) SSF4 Semi Finals LIVE! || Jul 10 2010 at 6:20PM EDT


YouTube - evo2kvids’s Channel

Yeah I want to see this too, it definitly wasn’t on the stream. From the sounds of it JR was doing his usual demon shenanigans

Let us know if this crops up anywhere