Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil

Anybody else watch this show? It’s a Canadian horror/comedy show, and I’m actually really loving this show.
Basic plot is that a bunch of kids at a school have to find this book of pure evil that grants people’s wishes (with unexpected side effects), and destroy it, before the cult that runs the town/school find it instead

Last episode I saw, Todd and the gang had to kill an evil penis that could turn you to stone if you looked at it.

Seriously, go stream/download some episodes, and enjoy

Okay dude I know this section of the forums is called general discussion.

That don’t mean you tell us to go watch shows about petrifying dicks.

We’re very busy.

lol that was just one episode. It’s just humourous wishes gone wrong (dude was getting made fun of for having a small dick, so he wished for a dick people would remember)…there was also one with a heavy metal band that went really evil.

It’s a damn good show!


Penis monster shows its face briefly at 1:00…and yeah, the show is full of swearing and gore…if you grew up with 80’s horror, this show is right up your alley

I think they got signed for a second season. Easily one of my favourite shows.

Looks like some dumpster trash show.

yeah, it got signed for more episodes. It’s actually a good show. The jokes and monsters make you laugh, they have some actual decent special effects at times (even CGI), and it’s close to being cheesy without actually becoming cheesy. It’s PERFECT. Easily one of my new fav shows as well (and I RARELY watch TV).

Welcome to Canadian tv lol. Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, and Trailer Park Boys. Mmmmmmmmm

looks just like idle hands movie but in tv show form.

i know jay mewes does this show,i need to check it out looks funny and i fucking loved Trailer Park Boys.
Still waiting on their follow up show.

Yeah he’s the janitor.

lmao, I haven’t seen him yet. I’ve just seen two episodes so far, and kinda watched a few more in the background while I am gaming.

I watched the whole first season, it stays good. Really it feels like Buffy the Vampire Slayer written by Jay (Mewes View Askew character).

Can’t really get into this show, all high-school things repulse me, I’ve been scarred.

Girl with the glasses is working fo me, but not much else.

Edit: the girl who plays Todd’s girlfriend/crush is 27 years old.

both major girls are cute in their own way. Glasses girl is growing on me. Are you talking about the dark haired girl (Jenny?), when you talk about his crush?

lol good way to describe it. Jason Mewes shows up a lot in the first few episodes lol…I think he is supposed to be God or an angel or something

anywho,show is coming to the States starting next month(August 2nd) on FearNET or whatever that channel is called. And yes, they are doing a second season.

seriously, more people need to watch this awesome show