Toddler forced to smoke pot

Idiots like this are the reason why Marijuana will probably never be legalized in the U.S.

“what a bunch of pervs” :wtf:

its not like they were molesting her.

Perversion has nothing to do with it, it’s just plain stupidity and irresponsibility.

Shit, did you have to find the vid with Nancy Grace on it? I hate that bitch so much.

But those teens are pretty retarded. “lol i dun remeber doin dat”? Fucker, own up to the shit you do, especially when it’s harming a toddler.

I oddly found the video to be difficult to watch. Poor kid.

good thing the guy at the pawn shop said something.

also screw that lady. shes so annoying. leave it to her to say something stupid like “pervs” and the way she says “pot pipe” to make me laugh. this is a serious thing, I dont want humor involved with it.

If pot was legalized, this kind of stuff wouldn’t happen!

amiright?!?!??!? :wtf:

Legalizing pot won’t stop people from being stupid, but this just ruins it for people who respect it and use it wisely. I don’t smoke, but I’m for the decriminalization of it.

If pot was outlawed, this kind of stuff wouldn’t happen, right?

What a bunch of pervs!

Is there anything wiser than using cancer-causing drugs? Fuck no. Amiright?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Pff I’d rather smoke something that makes me feel good than some fucking cigarette.

Give me the name of one person who died of cancer from smoking marijuana.

Christ, if someone wants to use marijuana its their own damn choice- they know what they’re doing to themselves.

why not ban alcohol- since there are so many alcohol related deaths- hey why not ban fatty foods since they’re a big cause of heart related problems.

If you don’t wanna use it and want to tell people not to use it, thats fine. But why make it illegal? If someone REALLY wants to do drugs they’ll do it regardless.


When was the obvious link between smoking pot and getting cancer obscured?

Blah blah blah.

It’s not illegal for me to put my hand in my toaster or headbutt my car. That doesn’t make it wise.

haha that and like 95% of the pot smokers I know are also chain smokers of cigs

This is one of many recent studies, many of which produced results that directly contradict this one (some even suggest that THC has a hand in reducing the risk of tumor growth). There is plenty of reason to say, at the very least, that the jury is out on the correlation of smoking cannabis and getting cancer.

That and smoking anything has hazardous effects to the body. I could go into my back yard, cut down a damn birch tree and smoke that shit and it’d prolly give me cancer.

Perhaps. But here in the real world, where scientists figure out how things work, pot causes cancer.

Nice link, but you did not give me the name of a person who died of cancer from smoking it.

In the real world, scientists like to prove things before they say for sure whether or not something is so. Currently, there is much disagreement about this issue within the scientific community. I’m not saying science will ultimately prove your hypothesis wrong… just that you are most definitely counting your chickens before they’ve hatched.