Todo is a good character; here is some frame data



C-groove: 3 lvl1 counters that build up faster than any other groove, a nice lvl2 juggle, RC command grab, not too sure about his alpha counter; if anyone could provide input then please do

A-groove: possibly his best groove - watch a Harvest or Sai-Rec (hmmm, are they the same group?) video; very good damage and GC potential (upwards of 9k if it connects, check out the older threads in this forum), RC command grab, still unsure of alpha counters

P/K-groove: No need to worry about AA if you can parry/JD well…the rest is theory fighter, I guess…don’t really know too much about low jump setups, run looks funny…might wanna try run—>command grab if you manage to knock them down a lot…haha…

S-groove: Theoretically untouchable!!! But then again, theory fighter doesn’t mean that much…anyways, unlimited counters, good damage boosts (his b&b actually does quite a lot), dodge punch combos into Kasante Ate, mid-screen GC strings with lvl1 supers, you get to see his ankles when he runs, etc…I like him in this groove :slight_smile:

N-groove: His counter roll is probably good, but I haven’t experimented with him in this groove, so yeah…uhh, break stock into counter? I dunno hehe

Frame data is in the next post…
Seriously, he is a good character…




Standing when close to opponent

Jab: 4/4/10 +3/+3 o/o 300pts

Strong: 6/4/10 +8/+8 o/o 900pts

Fierce: 8/4/26 -6/-6 x/x 1400pts

Short: 5/4/15 -4/-4 x/o 500pts

Forward: 5/4/22 -6/-6 x/o 800pts

Roundhouse: 12/4/34 -14/-14 x/x 1300pts

Standing far

Jab: 4/4/10 +3/+3 o/o 300pts

Strong: 5/4/17 +3/+3 o/o 1000pts

Fierce: 10/4/30 -10/-10 x/x 1400pts

Short: 5/4/15 -4/-4 x/o 500pts

Forward: 8/6/16 -2/-2 x/x 800pts

Roundhouse: 15/4/22 -2/-2 x/x 1300pts

More to come later


wats his “good” lv.2 juggle, because i have no lv.2 combo at all


Level 2 wave super, whiff command grab.


Do you get the same amout of hits as if you taunted?


Yes, and it’s safer. You recover faster from the whiffed grab than the taunt.


^ Thanks, I didn’t know since I only play A Todo.


More Todo Frame Data (gotta love procrastinating finals)

The Crouching Series

Jab: 3/4/6 +7/+7 o/o 300pts

Strong: 5/4/17 ±0/±0 o/o 900pts

Fierce: 7/6/25 -5/-5 x/o 1300pts

Short: 4/4/11 +4/+4 o/o 300pts

Forward: 5/6/14 +6/+6 o/o 800pts

Roundhouse: 8/4/32 knockdown/-12 o/o 1200pts

The Jumping Series

Hmmm…available on request, cuz I don’t think it’s very useful…plus, I’m kinda lazy…j. forward sometimes crosses up…

SPECIALS (and directional normals)

Slide Kick (F+MK): 16/4/36 knockdown/-15 900pts
(cancelling into special or super is worthless…unless you feel like building meter rather than going up to the corpse for mind games…in any case, I didn’t check)

Kasante Ate (Waves)

Jab: 15/35 +6/+6 400x3pts

Strong: 18/35 -17/-17 400x3pts

Fierce: 21/35 knockdown/-32 400x3pts

*note: What’s the difference, then? The range of the waves is the difference; I couldn’t get pixel data, sorry

Kasante Ate, AA

Jab: 21/28 +10 400x3pts

Strong: 25/24 +15 400x3pts

Fierce: 21/35 +19 400x3pts

*note: differences coming later; I don’t really use this move…but I do not discourage the usage! Open minds are good

Kasante Ate (Waves…In the air!)

Jab: 12/Landing +6/+11 400x3pts

Strong: 14/Landing +6/+10 400x3pts

Fierce: 16/Landing +6/+9 400x3pts

*note: Tiger Knee motions (d,df,f,uf) have their uses here; not sure why you should use anything other than the jab air-wave…someone get back to me on this

Command Grab

ALL Versions: 6/1/28 1200pts

*note: just use the fierce version, since the only difference in the strengths is in the grab range…64, 66, and 68 pixels…grab (ehehe) those extra 4 pixels! (This will be the only time I advocate against using something Todo has, since this is in the realm of obsolete)

More to come later…someone help me with the translations, please :frowning:


I should clarify… cancelling into whiffed grab isn’t safer per se, but it gives you an extra bit of time to start repositioning yourself for your zoning game.


Hi Wepeel!


If you did Todo’s lvl 2 cancel into taunt close enough to the corner, that’s a free wake-up lvl 3 for certain opponents(cammy, ryu, sagat…).
Whiffed command grab is the best option, and should be your only option unless you know you can kill the opponent with the whiffed taunt.


Lol, and if your opponent was in K groove, and he just finished rage halfway through getting hit, and almost got raged from the next few hits and you taunted him and he got into rage mode again and his defense went UP and he didn’t die because of that, and woke up to Level 3 you…



I might have to make a clip about that.

The anti-todo taunt cancel video.



Make it funny!

I know I know, Make Todo have 0 life left doing it, then he does it to Rolento or Sakura, they survive and they Taunt Him To Death!


starts DC and wonders if rolento’s taunt would be fast enough

anti taunt taunt !!!


Hey how’re you doing so far, if my DC wasn’t crashed I’d join you on your quest man…


Roki, I’m having a hard time with your reset CC. Anytip to land it easier? Thanks


Hmmm, you could practice by breaking the CC into smaller parts…here are what you have to learn

  1. After Command Grab and Activation, Practice How many C.HP into S.HP you need to get into optimal range for some characters. Optimal range being close enough so that you can command grab him with a Kara Cancel Command Grab or an RC COmmand Grab.

  2. You have to learn to Kara Cancel Command Grabs or RC Command Grabs. Kara Cancel Command Grabs should be Further than RC Command Grabs. And ALMOST (in rare circumstances lol) work as an RC. From my research I have Done Todo’s Kara Command Grab (S.HP Cancelled into His Command Throw), And I Grabbed Ken just as he did his fireball. Normally you wouldn’t be able to do it, but it happened, and I was In K groove. So there I was Grabbing him and there was a fireball right behind me…lol.

Ok again, S.HP Canceled into Command Grab.

Now if you don’t want to Kara Cancel his Throw, then by all means, Do less hits at the Beginning of the CC so that you are near anough to command throw him. Then continue.

Be warned though, that doing this against Zangief isn’t really safe. If I were Zangief and you got me in a CC this way, I’d be turning circles and mashing LPMPHP.

But Then Again, why not eh, just keep doing it.


I can do the CC no problem but i can’t get it to reset, maybe I just nee more practice. thanks Roki I’ll keep you updated on it.


OMG I forgot to say

  1. Learn to learn the timing where the computer counts your Command throw as part of a new chain of Combos…

The reset works only if you Pause a little while after the Hits. Why i say it’s better than anyone else’s reset is because

  1. It’s a pause, not an overhead move, so people who react to a move won’t see it.

  2. It’s a Command Throw, So people can’t block it


  1. It’s definitely faster than any overhead, because the timing on the grab is so fast even I can’t believe it doesn’t connect. It’s like bash bash bash Press HP then kara Cancel into Grab seems like a chain, but the pressing of the HP then into the grab gives the system a long enough pause to reset the counter.

and finally, now I remember why I used ‘Optimal’ distance. It’s because it’s far enough for a Kara Cancel grab, which is also long enough to add a little time to your grabbing + Distance.

Hmm, i guess you’re right, you’ll get it after experimenting with it more.