Todo Moveset and Attributes

Todo Moveset and Attributes

And once more from Majestros:

"Discuss the character’s entire moveset here, including normal moves, special moves, super moves, and all the other miscellaneous stuff like counter attacks, rolls, dodge attacks, jumps, and throws.

Also list attributes such as dizzy count, lifebar points, character size and special hitbox properties."

Frame Data:

For frame data, standard notation will be used.
First listed number is usually damage, its in the hundreds, no other numbers are.
+5/+5 refers to frame advantage/disadvantage on hit/block respectively. down indicates the move knocksdown the opponent.

x/x/o refers to cancellability of a move, is it rapid fire move/special cancellable/super cancellable?

For projectiles, * indicates when a projectile is released. Note, sometimes i got lazy, listed projectiles as something like 14/26, assume projectile released on frame 15 in this case.

The actual frame data is given in the format:
3/4/26 = 3 frames of startup, 4 active hitting frames, 26 frames of recovery.

Moves with damage 1100, 1000 indicate damage varies according to when the move hits, like 1100 up close, 1000 far.
x,x/o,x/o,o refers to cancellability of moves, e.g. can cancel into special only on close hit, but cancels into super fine on either close or far hit.

Moves 1000+400, have a first hit of 1000, and 2nd hit of 400.
Cancellability written in the form: x+x/o+x/o+o, where the first symbol indicates cancellability of the 1st hit, and the second symbol indicates the cancellability of the second hit.
So the described move is not rapid fire on either hit, cancels into specials on only the first hit, and cancels into a super on either hit.

Note’s on /'s and +'s:
/'s indicate a change from startup/recovery to a hit, a + indicates more recovery, or in the case of hits, another hit becoming active immediately after the previous hit.

Note, sometimes use your judgement when reading a move. Some moves that clearly don’t hit, like athena’s teleport, obviously don’t hit. 17/12/14 refers to 17 frames of startup, 12 frames of teleporting, and 14 frames of recovery. Until I can get around to revising all my work and including full notes to all the moves that need’em, well use your own judgement.
Counters tend to be listed in the form 14/25 or 3/14/25
14/25 generally means the counter is active from frame 0, stays out for 14, has 25 frames of recovery.
3/14/25 counter has 3 frames of startup, counter active for 14, 25 frames of recovery if whiffed.

for supers, 4+5/13/11 means 4 frames of startup before flash, 5 startup after flash, 13 active hit frames, 11 recovery.
4/5+3+3/13, means 4 frames startup, 5 active hit frames, followed immediately by next hit for 3 frames, followed immediately by next hit for 3 frames, then 13 frames of recovery.

Some air moves, stay active or keep recovering until they land. This is indicated writing land in a slot where there would be a number.
Move has 14 frames of startup, hits till landing, 13 frames of recovery while landing.
Move has 14 frames of startup, 5 active hit frames, then is recovering till lands, then needs 13 more frames to recover.


Close Standing:
LP: 300, +3/+3, o/o/o
MP: 900, +8/+8, x/o/o
HP: 1400 -6/-6, x/x/x
LK: 500 -4/-4 x/x/o
MK: 800 -6/-6 x/x/o
RH: 1300 -14/-14 x/x/x

Far Standing:
LP: 300 +3/+3 o/o/o
MP: 1000 +3/+3 x/o/o
HP: 1400 -10/-10 x/x/x
LK: 500 -4/-4 x/x/o
MK: 800 -2/-2 x/x/x
RH: 1300 -2/-2 x/x/x

LP: 300 +7/+7 o/o/o
MP: 900 +0/+0 x/o/o
HP: 1300 -5/-5 x/x/o
LK: 300 +4/+4 x/o/o
MK: 800 +6/+6 x/o/o
RH: 1200 down/-12 x/x/x

LP: 600 3/20 special cancelable
MP: 900 7/8
HP: 1200 8/6
LK: 500 4/20 special cancelable
MK: 800 6/8
RH: 1100 5/4

Command Move:
f + MK: 900, down/-15, hits low, parry low, x/x/x

HP: 2000, 52 pixels
RH: 2100, 52 pixels

Dodge Attacks:
HP: 1400, -6/-6, x/o/o
close fierce animation

RH: 1300, down/-3, x/x/x
far standing roundhouse animation

Alpha Counter:
600 down/-6
4 frames of full body invincibility, Close fierce animation

Special Moves:

Kasane Ate: QCF + P
All versions: 400x3 +6/+6 hits mid parry high airblockable
LP: 15/35
MP: 18/35
HP: 21/35

Aogi Kasane Ate: DP + P
All versions: 400x3, parry high, airblockable
LP: down/+10
MP: down/+15
HP: down/+19

Tobi Kasane Ate: (Midair) QCF + P
All versions: 400x3 block mid parry high airblockable
LP: +6/+11
MP: +6/+10
HP: +6/+9

Taikusushi: HCB + P
Command Grab.
All versions: 1200 6/1/28
LP: 64 pixels reach
MP: 66 pixels reach
HP: 68 pixels reach
+12 frame advantage after command throw.


Chou Kasane Ate: QCF x 2 + P
All versions: Hit mid parry high not airblockable
4+6/46. Projectile wave released on frame 11.
Lvl 1: 2000 down/+15 frames 1-8 full body invincibility
Lvl 2: 3500 down/+36 frames 1-14 full body invincibility
Lvl 3: 5400 down/+36 frames 1-22 full body invincibility
Note: Does more damage the farther opponent is away from the corner. Think Venom’s Death Bite from MvC, or Hulk’s Gamma Quake.

Shingan Kuzura Otoshi: QCF, HCB + P
Counter super. After activation, Todo gets into counter stance
for middle # of frames. Can’t read properties, need translation.
All versions: frames 1-4 full body invincible
Lvl 1: 2300 4/20/8 damage and downs only if counter activates
Lvl 2: 3900 4/30/8 damage and downs only if counter activates
Lvl 3: 5200 4/40/8 damage and downs only if counter activates

can some one list some combos,and strats for Todo

SOrry but could some1 help me with his command throw?
exactly when do/can i start inputting commands?
i can’t seem to connect anything…