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So sad, just realized I’ll be out of state for 4 different ranbat dates including the finals =o



I’ll be there for Another Castle AND dojo. Look out for marvel headband/cape madness!


Damn dude…


Dunno if I’ll be at Toe-Fu tonight. If I can get a ride back from someone (anyone? lol), I’ll be there, but if not, I can’t >.>

I’ll be at Another Castle for sure.

Edit: Ride found! No recording equipment, but I now have the KOF XIII DLC.


[Apr 21, 2012] Toe-Fu DOJO AE 2012 & UMvC3 Ranbats
Visit the Toe-Fu DOJO Ranbats Blog for Previous Results and Current Standings

Partial Results
UMvC3 (9 Entrants)
1: Rattana (5 pts)
2: yes06kin (3 pts)
3: bitq (1 pts)

AE 2012 (7 Entrants)
1: AfroCole (5 pts)
2: Finelikewine49 (3 pts)
3: Duggish (1 pts)

Full Playlist here

Full Results and Brackets

[details=Spoiler]UMvC3 (9 Entrants)



1: Rattana
2: yes06kin
3: bitq
4: Soup
5: Dave O
5: Sam No
7: TFD Loz
7: Wilson
9: AfroCole

AE 2012 (7 Entrants)



1: AfroCole
2: Finelikewine49
3: Duggish
4: Bokkin
5: TFD Kaleo
5: _marus
7: Kevin[/details]
So I’m now 0-5 vs Dave O. Wished that match was recorded, it was really good. Next event looks to be AE 2012, UMvC3, and KOF XIII Ranbats at Another Castle on May 5th. I’ll definitely be there.


^thanks you Deniz!

Also, be sure to double check the ranbat schedule everyone! The Ranbat finales for all games will be held at the Seattle Retro Gaming EXPO!!!


Still planning on being there Saturday. I’ll be bringing my console. Will the DOJO be open afterwards?


Not tonight sir, we will be closed for Cinco De Mayo celebrations with fam! Have a great night everyone!


Is there an age requirement to go>


Yes, our average age is about 23 i would say… bring them to another castle video games, that place is legit.


Well, I’m 17 and really want to learn to play fighting games. Would i be aloud to play?


…there is an age requirement? I didnt know that


Sad news, I will be closing the DOJO indefinitely. I have had fun doing this for the past almost two years, but it seems the interest is no longer there… I have got some good news, Another Castle has agreed to sponsor our ran-bat season 2!! The stipulations for season 2 are as of now are that all tournaments have full brackets and that players in the north end need to start supporting another castle in the same way they have supported us!!! really now, this is business…


bump!! i missed srk…


I miss :coffee: and :china:…



So what’s the deal with that 3S cab?


We’re baaaaack!!! 3s, Ultra, Marvel 3, Kof, BB and whatever else we got. Get this, I will even play injustice… maybe…


Session tomorrow night, 6pm till whenever. To those who dont know me, come with someone who does. No exceptions. Looking forward to grinding and getting better in 3s and Ultra myself.


Good stuff. I just got in here in Washington last Monday and I’ve been looking for the local spots and sessions.


Verlaine, highly recommended you get into the FB group, since that’s WAY more active than this: