Toe-fu DOJO Thread: Read Recent Posts for Updates!


lol rival schools is nice! no problem on the food front, thats how we do at the Toe-fu DOJO! i should have more pizza this saturday but im holding off on the cake lol:sweat:too buff

for anyone that isnt going to the afroDOJO this saturday , i will be having a casual gathering starting at 9:30pm and depending on the amount of people, we might do a carpool to the afroDOJO.

let me know if you are coming by so i can get the right amount of setups going! see yall this weekend!


Unclaimed stick!!


i still have an unclaimed 360 stick at the Toe-Fu DOJO from last weeks tourney:sweat:, its still safe so no worries:tup:.


I’d check with Bowflex. BFM had (i think) a round 1 TE in his trunk that he asked me to bring in for him while he was parking. I brought it in and sat it up against the wall next to your giant row of sticks. I’m not sure if he ever used it so if that’s where you found it, it’s probably his.


This sounds awesome. But where is it at? And when is the next session? Is this going to be an bi-weekly event like afro-dojo?


wats the address? im trying to hit this u eventually


thanks for showing interest malaujing!:rock: I stay in shoreline right off of balinger way. and yes, it is bi weekly tourneys and casual gatherings on the off weeks. You are more than welcome to come get some games in!

we will have a casual gathering tomorrow night starting 9:30pm for those who cant make it out the afroDOJO.

The next SSF4 tourney is Sautrday 10/9 so be ready!


Hey I may actually stop by for this if I can get an address. Just played a fellow member from this forum and would like to further my learning process of this game.


sure dude! i used to live in bothell too lol btw, who did you play on here? and i will hit you with the address in a PM. hope you can make it!


i guess your inbox is full gmon, i was wondering if you could send me your address also? thanks :]


done and done! hope i see you at the tourney!


quoted for emphasis lol:rock: oh btw, cole is gunnin for the Toe-Fu DOJO title! look out riki!!:nunchuck:

i put a few more details as to the next tourney on the first page! get at me NW!!!


totally random walking home from the store and ran into vagrant lest coming out of mcdonalds! he said he might show up to the saturday tourney!

whats up fellas? no love:sad:


I’ll be there of course. Boards are kind of slow but oh well that’s how the work week is.


I’ll be there. Are you good on SSF4 setups?


I should be there. I didn’t show up last time even though I said I would, so I have to make up for that!


sounds good guys!!
as far as setups go zafo, i will have three like last time. if someone could bring a 360 and ps3 copies of ssf4:sweat: that would be alot of help! there will be food and drinks as well! See yall saturday night!!


I’ll bring my xbox copy of the game.


sweet!! thanks dude!!


i had fun haha


Toe-Fu Tourney 10/9 top three!!

1st - Duggish - E.Honda
2nd - Riki-oh - Adon/Bison
3rd - TanakaForce - Guy

CONGRATS to Duggish muggish fresh takin the #1 head band :karate:from riki oh!! I want to thanks everyone who came out!! Vagrant, Chris, Austin, Bokkin, Zafo & Georgia, Riki oh & Mor, bitq w/ friend:sweat:(forgot her name), FrankDadank, Mickey D, Mark(good show at 5th place sir!!!), Mechanica and mike:rock:

we missed you kkf and cole!! i hope your event tonight at the AfroDOJO pops off!! i really hope to see yall at the next tourney!!

thanks again to everyone for coming out!! see yall sonn i hope!!

-Greg & Uriah
Toe-Fu DOJO masters:karate: