Toe-fu DOJO Thread: Read Recent Posts for Updates!


no prob ronnicle and sunny!! i will have to start training in 3s for the next tourney.

i have located black face fossil watch, it is safe at the toe-fuDOJO! i heard from cole it might belong to cpr… hit me up!!


So Greg, will there be a tourney/casual session this Saturday?

edit: Oops i should look at the title next time


no worries hyre lol i often cant update the thread till last minute anyways… i have limited computer access…

Tourney this Saturday!! gathering starts at 9:30pm, whos coming out?:wonder:


I should be there!


I got my car back so I’ll definitely be on my way out this time!


I’ll be coming through, time to take back that to-fu title :coffee:





sounds good frosticles!! see you guys saturday!!

if anyone has any questions, just ask!! i will check back after classes this morning!!

oh also, just putting it out there ahead of time… november will be a busy month for me, i can aready say for sure that the toe-Fu DOJO will not be open Nov.6th(unless icky wants to host without me), i have a fight in tacoma… i will keep everyone updated!!

Toe-Fu Master:china:




if only bison had a taunt where he sipped on some coffee…


If Bison could only beat Fei/Cammy


Dudley will be coming again to the To-Fu dojo.


:woot: to alot of people coming out!!

we have made some changes to the layout of the Toe-Fu DOJO, so for the regulars, let me know if it is a good change… we shall see.:wonder: lol


Hey, my name’s Matt and I’m tryna get into the NW scene a little bit. I haven’t been to anything yet but I was wondering if this would be a good event for me to dive in. Is it a tournament or is everyone just hanging out, playing some casuals? I would be down for either.
I see that the next one is tomorrow at 9:30 (today I guess), but I work until about 10pm or maybe a little before. Would it be cool if I showed up a little bit late? Thanks for the help.


Hey Greg, I’m thinking about stopping by today/tonight. Could you PM me your address? Also, what time do people usually show up?


Gmon I tried PM’ing you but your inbox is full. Was wondering if it’d be cool for me to come by. I used to play at the afrodojo until i realized it was too far away. Let me know what’s up, thanks.


sorry for the late responses guys, i will send out the PMs now…

@zig, im glad you can come by! the dojo opens at 9:30pm so usually people roll in by 10.


Note that his place is like… not right on the street. Gotta go up a kinda long driveway, behind this other house. I drove around for a grip trying to figure out where exactly the address was lol.


Greg could you PM me your address as well?


hey lemon,

im glad you want to come out and get into the scene! we always need new players, that being said, today is a tournament but there will be casuals after for sure. this is the best way to level up fast is to see higher level play and spar against stronger fighters:nunchuck:. your more than welcome to come by!


Tomorrow? 10/23 saturday is today