Tokido @ Shadowloo Showdown - Questions?

Hi guys,

You may (or may not) have heard that Tokido, Mago, GamerBee and possibly others are attending ‘Shadowloo Showdown’ which is an upcoming tournament being held in Melbourne, Australia over the 11th and 12th of December.

Catch the announcement trailer here:


Lots of us from the Australian Street Fighter community are making the trip to Melbourne to attend, compete and also to meet them. Whats unique for us is that here in Australia we are a small but tight-knit community with many of us knowing one another on a first name basis which also means our tournaments always equate to not only being very competitive, but also double as a great way for us all to catch up and have a few laughs. Because we’re a relatively small community I figure it would double as a good opportunity to chat to Tokido and to perhaps pitch a few questions to him over some beers (should we get the chance) from the perspective of an Akuma player.

I thought this was worth mentioning here as I’d like to compile a list of questions for Tokido that I could organise to have asked either by myself or others who will no doubt be interviewing and hanging out with him over the few days he will be spending here.

Thats where you guys come in. As Akuma players, if you have anything in particular that you’d like to have asked please feel free to share it in this thread so I can collate your questions and organsie to have them pitched at him.

I assume there’s a few things many would like to ask that is perhaps unique to Akuma players as opposed to the more general fields of questions I’ve seen him respond to in the past with respect to the game, travelling for tournies and so on. I’m thinking questions more specific to our favourite character (whom Tokido is arguably the world’s strongest authority on) that you’d like to hear right from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

So, let’s hear 'em. Try and keep your questions Akuma-centric as I’m sure the organisers from Shadowloo will cover a lot of bases perhaps not focused on Akuma.

I’ll do my best to get your questions asked (and answered!) either by myself or the Shadowloo crew who are hosting the event.

Over to you!

What dark god did he sell his soul to to become the god of Akuma that he is today?

On a serious note, I would like to ask him how he balances his school studies and constantly practicing Street Fighter.

This is actually a very good question! I’m curious to see how he’s coping lately - as every few weeks he and others from Japan are showing up all over the place to play in tournies. Its crazy.

as good as tyakido is, personally i found momochis gouki and especially sakos gouki better than tokidos. but this was back in vanilla, too bad they dont use him anymore.

I agree with you about Momochi since he’s a beast both on defense and offense when he gets an opening, but Sako AFAIK only occasionally used Akuma online, so I don’t think it would be fair to compare him to Tokido who was tearing people left and right in the arcades.

As for questions, maybe ask one of these if they don’t sound too stupid:

  • What do you think about the Bison matchup? (I’ve heard him say Boxer is difficult for Akuma, would like to know what he thinks about Bison with his super changes).

  • Akuma was nerfed in SSFIV but you still sticked with him, what kind of nerf in AE could potentially be a deal breaker for you and force you to play another character if it happened, also, any specific buffs you think would be nice for Akuma to have?

  • What’s your favorite matchup as Akuma and what’s your least liked matchup (both not difficulty related).

Nawww, Momo and Sakos’ Gouki compares not to Tokido’s. It is why they opted for new characters while Tokido stayed demon inspite of all the NERFS (balance). Taking playstyle into consideration, arguably they all are good Gouki players but Tokido takes it to the next level with his “no fear factor” and versatility overall. Seriously! Tokido’s Gouki is “in your face”. And if it wasn’t for Gouki’s pathetic health, Tokido’s Gouki would probably make Gouki a BANNED character at major tourneys worldwide. That’s my honest opinion.

Sidenote: Whatever happened to K66. His Gouki was onpar with Tokido’s. Would love to see how his evolved in Super.

Lorem Ipsum.

K66 was never on par with Tokido [or Momochi, or Eita for that matter] … Don’t get me wrong, he was a great Akuma, but he was known for being a really flashy akuma, which didn’t necessarily translate to placing in tournaments…if you look at the stats at the beginning of K66 vids, you’ll see his win percentage wasn’t nearly as good as Tokido’s.

As far as asking him Tokido a question, it would be…“Do you think Akuma needs [deserves] buffs for AE?” and “If you ever switched permanently to another character, who would it be and why”

k66 beat him in mirrors on several occasions though.

In the interview that someone did with Tokido at SCR (the one Zidbeans was referring to in which some random dude talked more than Tokido) he actually said that he thinks Akuma deserves nerfs in AE. I believe the quote was ‘When I play Gouki…he is too strong!’ :slight_smile:

I could see Tokido having a very scary Seth, Ibuki or Guy as his ‘alternate universe’ main.

yeah, but Akuma mirrors are pretty silly in my opinion, and don’t really mean too much. When it came down to playing well against the other top players, and in tournaments, Tokido showed why he was the top Akuma in Vanilla [along with Momochi]
K66 was great, but never considered to be quite on the Tokido-Momochi-Eita level.

yeah, i agree, i can definitely see him playing a crazy Seth with practice [he actually does, check out his playlist on my channel, there are a few matches of him playing Seth, Honda, Cammy and Fei]

[media=youtube]3q6aaLD9Oek]YouTube - Tokido [Seth] vs Stay Gold [Ryu[/media]
[media=youtube]dOLnXZJ3FWc]YouTube - Tokido [Honda] vs followupURSF [Bison[/media]
[media=youtube]_8UKJI6WD70]YouTube - Tokido [Seth] vs HIROPON309 [Seth[/media]
[media=youtube]VQR7X2AQTBg]YouTube - Tokido [Cammy] vs STRIPFIGHTERIV [Dan[/media]
[media=youtube]xedXsxKKUEs]YouTube - Tokido [Fei] vs Eita [Akuma[/media]
[media=youtube]z8gv-zMFlv0]YouTube - Tokido [Fei] vs Eita [Akuma[/media]
[media=youtube]Bri9I6D8sSk]YouTube - Tokido [Fei] vs Eita [Akuma[/media]

…And that’s only because TOKIDO makes him too strong, what about us normies. Lol. In all seriousness though, i hope he doesn’t get nerfed too badly. :frowning: Sorry for going off topic

I have to disagree about your thought of K66. He may have lost to some top players, who doesn’t? Even Tokidod at EVO to JR and Floe. My point about K66 is that his Gouki showed the same level of offensive ‘no fear factor ’ as Tokido’ s. And Eita and Momo’s Gouki are more defensive not as rushdown as K66 or Tokido imho. :nunchuck:

This is just a guess, but I think K66 only plays arcade, otherwise we’d have seen console vids of him pop up. I’m betting when AE releases, we’ll start seeing him again.

personakky i found sako to be the best gouki player in vanilla. momochis was also as good or even a lil better than tokidos imo.

At Socal regionals Tokido used Fei Long versus Jaycetheace’s Viper. My question is why didn’t he use Honda? I always thought Honda was his sub.

Another question is how seriously do they take online SSFIV in Japan? Will he quit to play Arcade only even if they patch AE into the console version?

I not agree with this. K66 was my favourite player in vanilla, but was A LOT less stronger than Tokido or Momochi. I think also K66 isn’t a top japanese player, just a flashy player. And all top gouki players (Momochi, tokido, eita etc…) could doing his stuff easily, but they got better patience, defence, mindgame, strategy. Only rushdown style without zoning isn’t the way to play a solid gouki.

my favorite player beside tokido was nanashi aka 74
like his playstyle much but there are only a few vids of him in vanilla
miss this guy would see more stuff from him !

back to topic
ask tokido what he thinks about yun and yang ??
if he should choose a other char. for AE what kind of things is he looking out when he picks his new char. ( vortex able, not many bad matchups etc.)

On a side note, why is Shadowloo Showdown not on the upcoming “Tournaments and Events” Forum? I really hope this gets a lot of advertising so more people can attend.

Flying to Australia isn’t cheap since it’s a bit isolated and certain countries have to pay over thousand dollars to secure tourist visas. I’m not sure about Japan or the US though.