Tokido's combo on chun li

I’ll remind you of what combo I’m talking about.

cr. FP, SK tackle, JP fireball, SK tackle -> supercancel

dash back, RK crush, RK kneedrop

cr. FP, SK tackle, MP fireball, RK tackle, SK tackle (?) -> supercancel

Here’s the question:
It seems to me that it’s extremely hard to do get that MP fireball to connect. Also, I’ve noticed from some of his matches, that he always does it after one Aegis setup. Couldn’t he have done it off the first cr. FP?

Can the MP fireball hit on any char other than Chun Li?

Some input would be appreciated.

You can replace that strong metalic sphere with a jab one, it doesn’t make a difference, except for timing. I think the main reason he does it is because a character goes up a bit differently when doing a c.fierce while they get up in the reflector. So maybe because they pop up higher, it makes the rest of the combo easier for him… but that’s my guess.

That combo works on Chun-li and Makoto for sure, but not all the others. I know Ryu can get hit by a QCF+jab after the tackle but it’s pretty damn hard…

I think it does make a difference, because you can get in an extra tackle off the MP fireball. I believe it’s because the MP fireball has a faster recovery from the JP fireball, therefore you can launch your tackle earlier, hence allowing for a second tackle.

As for Ryu getting hit by a JP fireball, that’s new to me. Interesting.

You can’t do tackle - fireball - tackle on shotos.

You will have to do tackle, tackle

Or tackle, ex tackle, tackle

On the tokido combo he may be able to get the MP fireball to hit because the Aegis hits(which is why he didn’t do this is the first combo) while he does the cr.FP making them go higher, which in turn would allow you to use the MP fireball. I’m not sure if this is correct, but this is my guess

Well if it’s on the SRK message forum, it MUTS definately be the word of god… just like GameFAQS. I wouldn’t believe over 70% of the things said on the message forums anyways. More then likely it’s some little punk kid trying to inflate his own ego spouting crap they know nothing about.

The aegis doesn’t make a difference on the timing of the mp sphere.

You can do mp sphere against chun anytime in the corner, its all dependent on how quick you get the short tackle after the crouching fierce launcher.

It’s similar to the cr.fierce medium tackle short tackle corner combo, if you dont get the medium tackle out early enough the short tackle will whiff.

Jab sphere doesnt connect on shotos after a short tackle.

I think Tokido may have done the mp sphere tackle combo only after the aegis because he knew he needed the additional short tackle at the end to gain enough meter for another aegis. If he went for it the first time he might miss and lose the whole unblockable setup so he plays it safe does the normal setup then repeats with the more difficult version for more meter. That’s my guess at least.

That was exactly the answer I was looking for. Thank you.

Btw…Tokido also did that combo on the other Chunli in EVO…forgot his name though.

JP sphere doesnt work on Ryu, but did you know that it works on Dudley?

Works on Urien too, but timing is very hard
and ya u can always do the mp sphere against Chun, Tokido did that cuz he needed the meter.

Sphere’s work on Necro, 12, and Alex as well.

In one Urien vid (from a series just on Urien) there was this variation (performed against Chun-Li):

HK Tackle xx LP Aegis -> MP Tackle -> low HP -> LK Tackle -> LP Sphere -> LK Tackle -> LP Sphere xx LP Aegis -> LK Kneedrop

Combo ends then proceeds to kneedrop cross-up, then continues with this:

crouching HP -> LK Tackle -> LP Sphere -> LK Tackle -> LP Sphere xx LP Aegis -> standing HP -> whiffed Tackle to push Chun into Aegis -> Kneedrop cross-up

After the juggle ensuing from the 2nd cross-up, Chun was KOed.

i got the links to those videos on a thread here, just don’t remember which forum.


“Runs to my DC”

I think that the two tackles after the sphere where done by buffering the charges, so tokido probably did sphere–> chariot, but before pressing short to complete the chariot, he probably held back again (this does work) and then hit short to give himself more charge in a small amount of time, but as pyrolee was saying, it is probably because he wanted to build up enough bar for the second aegis unblockable.