Tokido's Girlfriend


Damn, Lorde is not hot at all. I’d probably still bang her…but just once.


That is not Tokido lol


Stupid ass waste of time thread is now about sausages around the world. First up is the funniest of all sausages, chorizo:



Wait, which one’s the girlfriend?



Edit: Talking about OP.


Which one is better, cased chorizo or loose?



Cased of course. You can shove it up your bum.
Although technically you COULD shove the loose ones up there too but that would take more work so… =)


The loose ones are better to rub across your body and asshole to use the grease as a lubricant. It can also attract animals and other small critters.


I’m surprised Zatalcon didn’t make this thread, considering his hate of Asians.


I’d like to offer both of them a warm serving of Johnny Cakes. screen windows xp


Yo boy Hatred says DENIED nigga.


Congratulations to Tokido. Get ya sausage wet


He’s right. Cased chorizo has a much better chance to ‘Rise Up’


Who is tokido and why does that chick call herself Lord when she doesnt even LOOK like god


Why the fuck is this a thread? :rofl:


Yup. Every asian guy looks like Tokido so there’s a 50/50 chance this is Tokido.


Whichever one doesn’t feel like a bloody turd when you break it up.



Would that be more like a 1/732,000,000 chance?


I didn’t know lorde was a real person, I thought they were just taking the piss, in south park. I guess you do learn something new everyday. :tup: