Tokido's Girlfriend


Why the fuck is this a thread? :rofl:


Yup. Every asian guy looks like Tokido so there’s a 50/50 chance this is Tokido.


Whichever one doesn’t feel like a bloody turd when you break it up.



Would that be more like a 1/732,000,000 chance?


I didn’t know lorde was a real person, I thought they were just taking the piss, in south park. I guess you do learn something new everyday. :tup:


> Bum

Crucades go Scotland yard this squigga

Slurmz go

“Click-Clack now get on the floor. I told you Sqwiggas”


You know South Park doesn’t play like that.


She’s a barely passable singer who had one terrible hit. Her schtick was that she was 17 years old, but she’s not anymore, so she’ll never be popular again.


her album is fire, fuck off my internet


lol…yeah, she’s the best. She doesn’t even sing. It’s more like talking. Zero power in that voice. You’re weak as fuck for liking that bullshit.



Her new song is decent. Reminds me of early 90’s dance songs driven by piano.


It’s not racist because

  1. He really DOES look like Tokido
  2. I am also Asian thus it’s impossible for me to be racist against Asians.


But Asians are the most racist. source: am also Asian



Lorde can’t sing for shit. one octave vocal range for all of her “songs”, gtfo for liking that garbage.

on topic though, cumberland sausages and/or lincolnshire sausages rock.


not surprised that srgay has a sausage fetish. Niggas all over that Kayo police flavored wiener.


All dat grease.



Nigga this shit is delicious, don’t hate. They don’t call 'em bangers for nothing!