Tokido's Girlfriend


Her new song is decent. Reminds me of early 90’s dance songs driven by piano.


It’s not racist because

  1. He really DOES look like Tokido
  2. I am also Asian thus it’s impossible for me to be racist against Asians.


But Asians are the most racist. source: am also Asian



Lorde can’t sing for shit. one octave vocal range for all of her “songs”, gtfo for liking that garbage.

on topic though, cumberland sausages and/or lincolnshire sausages rock.


not surprised that srgay has a sausage fetish. Niggas all over that Kayo police flavored wiener.


All dat grease.



Nigga this shit is delicious, don’t hate. They don’t call 'em bangers for nothing!



If you don’t feel like you’re riding a meteor afterwards, it wasn’t spicy enough!



manx stop posting in a row ur avatar is making me dizzy


What is this bitch made shit thread?

Who the fuck is Tokido and why should I give a flying shit?
I don’t know who the fuck Lorde is ether, nor do I care.


You need to calm down, sonny boy.
Here ya go:

  • what’s funny is probably 75% don’t actually have access to bitches. Such a bait thread.


Remember when they paid for GloveGirl to go to Japan? They were more than happy to pay for that shit. Pretty funny if you ask me. Remember when they found out Glovegirl was born Gloveboy? EVEN FUNNIER. Raging in here wanting a refund.


Yeah Southeast Asian history doesn’t support that claim. Japan did some fucked up shit to China and Korea.


Maybe so but Nippon only did it out of desperation for resources and not out of racism. :smiley:


Get you fucking only been here 2 days baby shit out of my way.

At least when I made a bad thread it’s entertaining.
This is just the worst kind of bull shit.


Yes and you’ve been here 6 years and seems to me like you never ever left this place (nor your basement for that matter).
You are slowly turning into Balrog.
<<< Look at my face. This is what you look like 24/7.


Lol What? So?

Weak insult. The Go to “the basement” thing means you never had any material in the first place.

Okay? So I am a Rich world class Boxer.

I am Asian now? I don’t get what you are trying to convey. I don’t give a shit how your facial expression looks.
Weak ass arguments all around.

Look unless You are Tokido, which is really sad you have to make a post bragging about having a Girl Friend
Why do you even give a shit who Tokido going out with? Why do anyone here should give a shit?

My previous statement stands, this thread is some bitchmade shit.


What if it was the other way around.

Your “girlfriend” looks like an FGCs mainstay?!

OP’s GF = Anime Character Pillow


This is the type of stuff stream monster weirdo brand new users dream of.

Yet, SRK still does it better? It existed before. Its not new and we don’t have to hear any more about it just because you just found it and think its really cool.

#IfYouWannaCosplay@EVO you should have to pay more. Way more. And only do it over there.

Its not allowed in pools, day 2’s, or Finals and will be reported.