Tokido's right hand question


I was watching a video of Tokido playing with Ryu in SFV recently and I noticed something strange. Tokido would keep his right hand’s Index, middle, and ring stretched out across L,M,F and when he would throw fireballs, it looked to me like he would do a quarter circle motion followed by lp, fp, lp. In otherwords, Index, ring, index. Does anyone know the reason for this?


Multiple button presses for extra chances at doing the move if it doesn’t come out. Won’t help if you mess up the motion of course, but if you pressed the button slightly too early initially those extra presses might get it.


Interesting. Makes me wonder why he wouldn’t just Double tap though. Especially considering that you won’t know what speed Hadouken is going to come out. Also, a light hadouken and a fierce one are not similar in speed at all. Strange.