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2009/6/10 -

Kof girls piece for the kofxii fan art contest

the monkey king

2008/9/17 -

thanks for the comments, guys. sorry for the lack of updates. i haven’t been working on the blitz piece(sorry chibi) because of school. i’ve also been running into some personal problems as well.

anyways, here’s an update.

my teacher finally gave me the o.k to show these pages. i don’t think i can reveal what the hell is going on in the panels though
these are also my latest updates on

crits are always welcome. good or negative, just in a positive manner.

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2006/1/4 -

ibuki’s right hand is kinda f*ed up =[

Awesome. :D~

Bison and Ibuki look great. The variety in the linework on the Bison pic really makes it stand out. Ibuki just looks hot. Cammy’s face looks a little awkward to me in both pics, but that’s just my preference.
Good luck with your sketches.

That’s fantastic. (Should we be able to ask you who we would like to see at first? hihihi)

Why haven’t I seen you before? Nice work, you’ve got a good flow.

The Ibuki is definitely your best one.

Bison - I think he more needs wrinkles to indicate he is wearing clothes on the top half of his body.

Cammy - I think her hips can go wider as they look a little bit thin.

Overall very impressed.

only trouble, never cut off limbs, do yourself a favor and make sure you have enough of a plan so as not to shortchange the quality of work you can produce with less than stellar composition.

other than that, the cammy hip problem is a good note. and maybe you could focus (this is just an improvement suggestion, cause your drawings are fine) on developing anatomical correctness before being extremely detailed, mainly i see this on the bison pic.

something about his face, his left arm, and his right pectoral muscle seems a little off.

other than that great job, good luck finishing the project.

thanks for the comments and critiques everyone! i’ll be sure to take them into account

i just recently got accepted to the school of visual arts in ny. i’m entering as a frosh in comic illustration. and highschool…bleh, i’m winging it from now on. i’d be glad to take requests

here’s a skinny version of bison -


Stay in CA. =( NY is too far from here -_-

Draw me a gold and yellow bison before you leave!!!


Damn it, i said gold and yellow again. BLUE AND GOLD!

Doesn’t it suck that there’s no sequential art degrees in Southern California ?

what’s up gene?
i’ll be sure to fix up a Bas colored bison with my prisma markers someday.

yeah =/ well, the LA area is not that bad though

sva in NY is the only art school i found with a top notch comic/cartooning department. most schools don’t take comics seriously *sad

here’s my take on the karate dude. i tried making my own ryu by stylizing certain areas of his outfit…but it just turned out looking like udon’s =/

should i put a new title for this thread?

Man these are awesome! Really orginal style man! I’m digging the way the lines flow together and how you space the features on your faces. Keep posting!

Hey, man! I’d like to see feet on your drawing! :wink: I’m kidding… But it would be cool to see Lee (SF1), or maybe Lee x Gen. :slight_smile:

Those are great!

A Lee would be awesome! … or maybe a Ken >_>

This shit is fucking raw. Why isn’t it in the character select fan art thread?

And as long as we’re voting, I throw in one for Fei Long to be next.


Hey edwin, are you still going to NY for college? Stay in L.A man!!! cuz i think im going to UCLA too. either that or riverside/irvine.

Check out my painting of bison I did:

I even spelt “Excellent” wrong. =]

hmm…and i thought lee was an unpopular character o_O i’ll get started on him and fei long tomorrow

here’s guile for miss mika san-

wow…the foreshortening on his left arm is whack =/

Damn, thats tight!

Make Honda.

Wow, man… you’ve inspired me in such a way. I wanna sketch like you man. :lol: The Guiles are killer, just keep an eye on your proportions in the hands and you’re fine.