Tokoyama2000's art thread


here are a couple of darkstalkers pieces i’ve worked on a while ago


hi guys,

haven’t posted here in a while.
here are some more street fighter sketches/commissions




and ryu

also, happy new years everyone! i hope 2014 will be a great year for everyone!


Oh wow, love that Ryu and Guile in particular.

The line work and inking are especially excellent. What do you use to ink?

The wash is a really nice touch.


thanks, diavle! i’m using copic multiliners to ink + copic sketch markers for toning.

here is another street fighter piece. this one done for last year’s super street fighter vol. 1.
lines by me, colors by espen g.


This art is amazing.


love your inks.


I’m liking those gray copic pieces you have. Very clean work as always. Were the lines in the copic pieces traditional?


Do you have any tutorials?


Great work man. What do you use to ink your lines? I’ve always enjoyed line work but haven’t found a brush in photoshop or program I like doing it with.


thanks, everyone!!

@negaduck @x_sword i use copic multiliners to ink everything. i’m slowly trying to get into digital inking though!

@juanpawnee unfortunately, i don’t have a tutorial out. i don’t really do anything special though! i’m sure there are great tutorials online you can find. sorry!


I’ll tag-in briefly for the tutorials question.

Comic pro Todd Nauck has a Youtube channel with a ton of fantastic process videos.

Jerry’s Artarama also has a bunch of videos from comic pro Adam Hughes.

Tag-out! :smiley:


all amazing pieces. haven’t been in the fan art gallery in a while. can’t wait to go through all 18 pages of this. :slight_smile:


I was wondering what do you use for your inking?


@pencilero thanks for the cool links!

@nocturnal i use copic multiliners. they’re pretty much like microns but refillable. hope that helps!


here’s a piece done for the online gallery of Skullgirls

and more Mahvel characters! Done for Marvel’s War of Heroes card game.
Lines by me, colors by Genzoman and James Ghio


Pro stuff like always chief. These collabs between you and the UDON team are more technical


been a few years since i’ve uploaded.
here are some more fighting game related stuff i’ve worked on recently

udon’s street fighter vs darkstalkers issue 1

pop culture shock collectibles’ Nash

archie comics’ mega man issue 49

nsurgo X bait X capcom cup

nsurgo X bait X capcom cup

capcom’s street fighter 30th anniversary


Levelled to a professional. Welcome back and Happy Holidays!


thanks! and happy holidays!!


I can’t believe you started this thread 12 years ago, there’s def something inspirational about keeping at it for so long!

I love your art by the way, it’s amazing