Tokushima, Japan - 3s Results - 9/19

This was held at the Angel-land game-center not far from where I am staying. Because I am leaving Japan in a few days, this was a going away tournament that the staff threw for me.

Format was 7-man round-robin.
1st - Cartman (Ken) 6-0
2nd - Kyosenshi (Q) 4-2
2nd - KTA Hagita (Ken) 4-2
4th - Kaichoa (Alex) 2-4
4th - Nao (Yun) 2-4
4th - Jon Gossin (Ken) 2-4
7th - M (Elena) 1-5

I ended up winning against Naos yun 3-1 and Kaichoas Alex 3-1
I am proud of my win against Kaichoa because he was on Angel-lands team in the SBO tougeki tournament and his Alex is one of the best I have ever seen. I was very surprised to win against him, but he just wasnt prepared for my throw-game (Thanks Cameron!)

After that we had an 8-man 2on2 single elim tournament. I was on a team with KTA and we ended up taking 2nd place (no thanks to me…)But it was Cartman and M who beat us in the finals. Probably the best match of the evening was KTA and Cartman Ken vs. Ken mirror match.

Not many people were able to show up for this due to work and whatnot but it was still exciting and emotional because this was not only my last tournament but Ms as well. (He is moving to another prefecture and his unbeatable Rolling Thunder Dudley will be missed by all.

I am leaving Japan with over 30 hours of 3s footage on tape. And Im putting it all up for grabs at this years N-Cubed 3s tournament. Winner takes all!

Anyways wish me safe travel back to the states. Ill be back on the 24th.

Tight shit John, I bet you were dashing and grabbing like crazy. So they have a good Q player there I c. Butch has been kicking my Yun’s ass with Q.:lol: :lame: