Tokyo 3rd Strike Tournament 1/3/2016 (tentative date). Welcome to the Big Leagues Kid

What better way to welcome in the new year and cure our hangovers?

I’m throwing a tournament in Tokyo especially for people coming from out of the country, but of course anyone is welcome.

Where - Koenji CUBE
When - 1/3/16
Time -

11am - Welcome non Japanese players singles
3pm - Singles tournament
7pm - Random 3v3

Working on a stream but it might not be possible. If we can’t work out a stream, the event will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube right after.

Date and time are subject to change but it should be the same for now.

Access: JR Koenji Station Sobu Line. 1 minute walk from exit.

I will win this tourney. I’ll do it for America.

root for me friends. I won’t let you down. I’ve been in training mode 24/7 since my defeat at Summer Jam and promise excellent results.

Damn, I want to make it but I wont be in japan til the 3rd at like 5pm. Prolly going to have some crazy ass jet lag.

Gotta some how get from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku using some sort of american black magic when I arrive as well.

Yea the jet lag is serious. I always need a day to recover.

Hit me up and we can chill.

I’m wouldn’t mind going to this, even though I’ve been in Japan for a while. I’m still trash anyway, thanks to a lousy training ethic combined with not enough money to go into Tokyo every week. Also, I’ve been sick and all the cigarette smoke doesn’t help. Definitely seeing somebody this weekend, because this has been going on for way too long.

Stream that shit!
I want to see faces, I want to see the salt and I want some awkward commentary from antisocial people.

This isn’t online… I am not saying you will not see that to some degree, but I doubt at the level you are expecting.

We dont have a video card and microphones, so i wouldnt count on a stream.

your donations are appreciated.