Tokyo CvS2 5 on 5 7.20


West Sportsland CvS2 5 on 5 team tournament held on 7.20 in Shinjuku Tokyo, Japan. 24 teams, 118 people total.

First Place:

Team Umehara War Group
Aaru: C Kim, Kyo, Terry
Kashiwaki: C Sagat, Guile, Chun Li
Naori: C Sagat, Sakura, Rugal
Dan: C Ryu, Ken, Sagat
Daigo Umehara: N Ryu, Chun Li, Sagat

Second Place:

Team Obsessed Fan Killing Club
Shirou: C Sagat, Rolento, Yamazaki
D44(Bas): A Sakura, Rolento, JVega
Haramori: N Blanka, Iori, Morrigan
Fan of Legends: K Hibiki, Rock, Cammy
Chariraa: K Joe, Nakoruru, Cammy

Thrid Place:

(Something) Fight Club
INO^: K Sagat, Blanka, Cammy
President: K Kyo, Sagat, Cammy
C. Sawada: K Sagat, Cammy, Blanka
Nakanishi: C Guile, Ryu, Cammy
KuTarou: A Sakura, Hibiki, Athena

My Team was called “4 White Guys”!!! We drew Onuki’s team in the first round, Team N Ryu 5. Needless to say we didn’t beat them. Nuki’s team lost to the second place team. Daigo and Onuki are both still playing the same team, Ryu, Chun Li, Sagat.

Sportsland Web Address:


For those of you (like me) that can’t read japanese and just want to see the pictures from the tournament:

Thanks for the post mark, I was going to do it but you obviously have way more information.

Derek Daniels


I like to play with Japan player…

But I live in Korea… Hm… -_-;



I was wondering do u have any live video from the tourney?
Also what is good way to start learning Japanese.



go back to 5th grade:D ( j/k)



But yeah u are right I did Learn Japanese in 5th grade it was a requirement. But :stuck_out_tongue: Mr. Gunjack



:lol: :lol: :lol:



The best way to start learning Japanese is to go to Japan and study. Any effort to learn it outside of Japan is a waste of time and money. In 3 months in Japan you will learn the equivalent of 2 years studying in the US.

And the third place team’s name is “Inoue Fight Club”. Ino’s family name is Inoue.


i have to say…im impressed by the variety of teams played…and there was only 2 blanka/sagat teams…cool cool…

im outi



does anyone play MVC2 in tokyo?
haha team of 4 white guyz lost
no big surprise


Re: Hello

Just wanted to add my wholehearted agreement with Gunter here. If you want to learn Japanese do not even bother in the US. Get your ass to Japan.



Do alot of jap players high when they play? Everytime i see pictures they just look so out of it


Heh. I play MvC2 in Shinjuku. I either go to sportsland or More. I’ll be at More on Sunday if you want to meet up. I’m not leaving the SvC:Chaos machine though. Not even if you had a crowbar and tried to pry me off it.



Where do they come up with the team names?

Obsessed Fan Killing Club is the greatest team name I’ve ever seen :lol:


I was gonna say 7/20 hasn’t even happened yet…

… but then again I realized HOLY THREAD RESUCRRECTION BATMAN




are there gonna be any vids? I never knew that bas uses vega. I wanna see him play.


if you look closely it’s Vega[J], meaning it’s Bison. :slight_smile:


oh durr, ok now THATS the bas that i know. :lol:


Yo Big Rex, I doubt the japanese smoke before playing. Only reason i say that, is that im pretty sure its HARD to find over there. Esp good chron, ive heard of people paying outrageus prices for altoid tins with seeds and sticks lol. Any body know if the japanese get big blowed before a tourney?