Tokyo Game Action Grand Opening on 6/17/06 (Saturday) in Winchendon, MA

There are also: “8 Japanese Versus Cabinets in great condition with brand new Sanwa sticks/buttons”

The line-up:

  1. Capcom vs SNK 2
  2. Guilty Gear XX Slash
  3. Marvel vs Capcom 2
  4. Super Street Fighter II X (Japanese version of Super Turbo)
  5. King of Fighters XI
    6,7,8) Street Fighter III: 3rd strike

Games also available:

-Super Puzzle Figther
-Street Fighter Zero 3
-and The Rumble Fish 2.

*These games can only be played with many requests. In other words, if there are a good amount of people that want to play any of these 3 games, we will be more than happy to install them for you.

mutha fuckin snakes on my mutha fuckin plane!

:rofl: :rofl: o shit i was just telling people about this at work

you guys are asses :bluu:

we have to get these damn snakes of the plane!

grand opening was the hotness, new TGA rocks. food, bowling and HEAD 2 HEAD cabinets, too much…

u forgot about the mother fucking snakes

i’m gonna kill all you fanboys

Damn… They told me not to do it and I did it :tdown:

did you guys move north or south? i’d be willing to make another 7 hour drive for another big tournament. SBOEQ was too good.

ok then… let’s start with you first:annoy: :annoy: :annoy:

Let me know when you guys get a gathering / tournament going, this time I’ll be there for sure.


The Auditions for TGA

More Muthafucking Snakes, on More Muthafucking Planes!!

they moved to MA.

paul wall, akuma, vicious.

Exodus- yup, apparently we moved farther up north, BUT its only an extra hour from the OLD location of TGA. And i’m workin on a video to let u guys see the new place.


Our next tourney, shall be on August 5th (Saturday) with some SPECIAL foreign guests… stay tuned :tup:

sniggity snap yo

good shit…

i get my liscense friday i hope… and a job the following week… as well as a friend who is into fighters and shiz…

Nice to see TGA back on track. I would definetly like to check out your new location and will come hopefully before Evo. Nestor we’ll talk on AIM!
Ok thats all…uhh Couch? :slight_smile:

it’s time for all you bitches feel the real motherfucking hate now. TGA IS BACK IN BLACK SO BUY THE SHRIT!!!

i m there