Tokyo Game Action & Hate present: TGA Ranbat 3.2 (Winchendon, MA) 5/31/08

Tokyo Game Action/Akatsuki HATE is proud to Present: [TGA Ranbat 3.2]

Important TGA rules everybody needs to follow

*props to gl0ry for the Flyer. (Smash and GGXX are $5, OMGWTF)


**Tokyo Game Action / Playaway Lanes
5 Summer Drive
Winchendon, MA 01475
(978) 297-1295 **

Tournament Schedule & Games:

  • May 31st, 2008
  • Store hours are 12pm-12am
  • 1pm sign ups will begin
  • 2:45pm sign ups will end
  • 3pm we will begin with the following games:***

2 pm (side event) start:

Special! Neo Geo Battle Coliseum & Arcana Heart FULL

3 pm start:

**- Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

  • Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core
  • Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
  • Super Smash Brothers: Brawl
  • Capcom vs SNK 2 - Waseda Style (Tag) 2v2
    6 pm hour dinner break

7 pm start:

**- Marvel vs Capcom 2

  • Hokuto No Ken
  • Melty Blood: Act Cadenza
  • Super Street Fighter II X**


Venue fee details:
*******$20 Flat rate ********<------ Now i know i’ve said we’d lower the prices on the entrance fee BUT… as some of you guys all know Andy is a very promising guy. SFIV is coming out soon and there is no doubt in Andy’s mind that he’ll pass on getting a kit. Support him, and he’ll give you guys what you deserve . WHO WANTS STREET FIGHTER IV???

-The Flat rate charge will let you play for FREE the ENTIRE night, including the tournament and casual matches later on. This way people can have a lot more matches in and be able to enter every tournament without worry about expenses (except the entry fee).

-All the flat rate money made from these ranbats will be put towards: paying off and buying more cabinets+games and keep these cabinets in the BEST condition they can be in.

Entry fee & prize structure:

$5 entry fee for SFIII:3S singles , GGXX:AC and Super Smash Brothers: Brawl (BEST GAME EVARR!!!)
$2 entry fee for every other game
*Game entry fees are subject to change upon the requests from the community, by the majority rule.

-$5(or more) entry games: 1st place = 70%, 2nd place = 20%, 3rd place = 10% (if less than 16 players 1st = 70%, 2nd = 30%)
-$2 entry games:** “WINNER TAKES ALL”**

Tournament Rules:
-Seeding will be based on your “TGA Ranking Battle Points”. If you do not have any points you will be seeded randomly.
-Minimum number of players needed for each game: 8
-Winners, losers and grand finals will be 3/5
-Team tournaments will be Double elimination, 1 game and 2/3 for grand finals.

Match-up and Game Rules:
-If you lose, you can change your team/character. Winner must stick with the same character until he loses.
-MvC2: You can change your team order, even if you win.
-SF:3S: You can change your SA (super art), even if you win. Judgment In Effect. :arazz:
-SSF2X: Gouki/Akuma is banned!!!
-CvS2: Waseda Style/Tag Team 2v2 Battle - (A1 beats B1, B2 beats A2, A1 has to fight B2) A single player is allowed to enter twice using 2 different teams.

-There are to be NO GAME FREEZING GLITCHES IN ANY GAME. If you do i’m going to kick your ass and make your head EXPLODE! Plain and simple.

Point system details:
1st Place - 10 Points
2nd Place - 7 Points
3rd Place - 5 Points
4th Place - 3 Points
5th Placers - 1 point

About TGA’s Arcade:

  • TGA is an authentic Japanese Arcade. It has both Bemani (music) and Fighting Games. ALL fighting games are in Japanese cabinets and in working condition.
  • As of right now, we have direct capturing for the following games: SFIII:3S.
  • TGA has been home to the SBO (Tougeki) 06/07 east coast qualifiers.
  • There are also 12 lanes for bowling.
  • We sell all kinds of import Japanese and American snacks. We have bottled drinks along with fountain drinks. No outside drinks allowed please.
  • The Yamanoi Cafe is now up and running! YUMMY FOOD!
  • Virtual Tour of TGA:*** Coming soon…***


Hope to see you all there! Bring on the HYPE!


Google Maps
From 95 North, take the **EXIT towards 495 North.

  • From 495 N, take EXIT 29B, then that’ll be Rt.2 WEST. (20-30 min drive)

  • From Rt. 2 W, take EXIT 24B, then tha’ll be Rt.140 NORTH. (10-15 min drive)

  • From Rt. 140 N, keep going straight down for about 15 min.

  • Eventually you are going to run on a little bridge with a pond on your right, from there take a RIGHT onto Beech Street.

  • At the end of Beech St., take a right onto** 5 Summer Dr.** and you’ll see our beloved

Hotel Info:

TGA is in Winchendon, MA.
(Approximately 15 mins away from Gardner, MA and 30 mins away from Leominster, MA)

Nearest Motel’s: —> Closest Motel6 (Leominster)
Nearest Hotel’s:
More links via mapquest:

I would love to come to this, but with Dippy gone I have no way of getting to you guys whatsoever, nor do I even have housing.

I’d appreciate any help I can get, seriously, even if I absolutely fucking hate that it takes me close to fourteen hours out of the weekend to just get to and from you guys.

contact redbeard asap, i think he can help you again with that.

OMG about time i’ve been praying for TGA to start doing ranbats for a while now
can’t wait im also gonna bring some of my crew members as well

We running any team tournys on the side?

We need the mic so I can spit hot fiya " suga cookie mon?"

Yo, chibi, hit me up and I can definitely do housing and possibly see about picking you up and whatnot.

There’s likely to be a GG 2v2 at 7ish…I imagine there’ll be one for Third Strike also.

I’m need a ride due to the fave I CAN OFFER a tv to use for the the ran-bat the only thing I ask is that my mactches with the following people on my shit list gets recorded since they’re supposed to go on the Joey Christ stunt ANYWAY
Here’s my TGA shit list for this Ran-bat

JuicyFUCKING J=GGAC race to 5 for the $10(due to the fact I’ve been wanting THIS one for OVER a YEAR no other I’m not TAKING any OTHER MM’s til THIS one is done)

Colin-3s race to 5 $20

Ed aka Fagarchi this how you get trucked by the Crackanazi
2/3 in 6 games
Corner of Hades (Ed’s Choice)
Kurodasato Killing grounds(Crack’s choice)

I’ll be taking any money matches in GG:AC. If you want to make it a condition of our MM, you may choose to have me play any of these characters: Anji, Axl, Chipp, Johnny, Ky, Order-Sol, Slayer, or Sol.

I’ll also consider 3S MM’s against my PINK SEAN. Lower tier preferred but not necessary.

MM’s also accepted for Smash Bros Brawl…

bout damn time TGA is up…cant wait for that curry!!! anyways…is the 5v5 or 3v3 CT vs Ma in GG still going on?

Good shit Ness we finally get this ranbat going you should have help running the tournament so one person doesnt get stuck running everything and getting all fucked up. Ill run a game and MAKE SURE PEOPLE ARE NOT SNEEKING CASUALS IN BECAUSE PPL DONT REALIZE HOW MUCH TIME YOU GUYS ARE WASTING WITH THAT SHIT! If you want to practice show up early mofos. I can house anyone who is coming out of town if they need it. Im sure you can get redbeard to do gg, spictom for smash, smooth run 3s, Ill run marvel, and so on. BTW be prepared cause the H8 is at a all time high right now let get this shit started. Hope to see EVERYONE there its tourny season guys wake up and smell that pine sol.


FINALLY, I may bring my girl to this but thats tentative…:rofl: Higher Faust will be in the house. I’m gonna try and get Min to show, Nestor whats good with an arcana heart mm my kira vs your toki.:rofl:

I’m gonna post this shit up on dustloop right now.

By girl do u mean jamie…

Yo Redbeard, I’ll money match you in Brawl $5, best two out of three.
Also, a 3rd strike money match, Your Pink Sean vs. my Jello 12, $5, best two out of three.

And why is Dippy gone?

:rofl: Nah smooth shes all yours. I said girl not ladyboy but she could be coming through I dunno.

I’mma get my revenge in CvS2 smooth.:wgrin:

all online scrubs who mash hurricane kick non stop in 48 frames of lag are welcome to come and donate to the 3s pot

you calling me out ralph :looney:?

since when can yang hurricane kick?

that’s too sad…:sad: i just moved to FLORIDA…:sad:

I am there. Probably drive straight from work. People gotta get off their lazy asses and show up to this. I’ll be driving four hours that day just to lose in a game I could lose at in the comfort of my own home. So should everyone else. Stop being pussies.

I got a couple of PM’s about this event. While it’d be great to organize a GTASF team to hit this up, we’re already booked to hit up Montreal Annual Tournament VI that weekend. Best of luck to the TGA guys. I hope to see this great arcade some day.