Tokyo Game Action is CLOSED forever :'( TGA to liquidate all assets in May 2009


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This concerns to all those that have loved/contributed/or want to contribute to Tokyo Game Action. :sad:


click the website link, go to the upper right of the front page and click on “Donors List”

(in order to make a donation, you must have a paypal account)

Once you click it, click the “Make a donation” button and put how much you would like to donate. Any sort of donation will get Andy and Chie out of this horrible black hole of debt/loans; this is TGA’s DARKEST HOUR so pleassseee be generous as possible. The man has worked so hard and given you all so much, don’t let it go in vain. :china:


p.s. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEE don’t let this man go to jail :sad::sad::sad:


yo gav, that’s awful. andy’s never been anything but class and respect every time I’ve met him. is there some paypal donation link for TGA? don’t have too much right now but I’m more than willing to chip in with a little something, and I’m sure anyone that’s ever ran through that arcade before is down as well. andy/chie, wish you guys well


but really its like the saddest shit i heard.

andy always been such a great guy and to get owned up by floods 2 times in a row
and not only that but before tga died it was looking sooooo good. bowling alley was poppin, he had all the racing games, both the music and fighting game rooms were hooked the fuck up. 4 sf4 cabs, he sent people to japan before.

it aint right that peeps like the planet zero guy can fuck people over and not give a fuck and keep his shit runnin while andy who does everythin for the players gets fucked over and over and over


i’ll try and make it out and try as hard as i can to keep lowballers at bay.


:confused: Flooding? :confused:

Gavin; can’t we set up a fund or something to help Andy out? I mean I’ve never been there but from what everyone has told me this arcade was fantastic and the owner bent over backwards to make it a great place for everyone. Fundraiser tournament? PayPal account?


I’m really upset to hear this. Andy, Gavin, and the rest of the TGA crew an community have always been the best people in the world to be around and nothing but stellar additions to the gaming community.

TGA was all about the people. Buying the newest games no matter what they were so that the community could have them. I really hope that the community comes out in May to repay all the kindess that these guys have shown us.

I think a TGA donation fund would be a great idea, like ramza suggested. Set up a PayPal account or something. I’m buying a house and getting married (two ceremonies) but I’ll help out with some money.

All the best, TGA.



Saddest shit ever. :sad:

Isn’t there anyway we can set up a Donation/Relief Fund/etc. type deal? I’m sure people would be willing to donate anywhere from 50-100$ or more all over the US to make sure this place stays open. This community goes all over, I’m sure something could be done to save TGA.


damn. just damn.:sad::sad::sad:


its always sad to see an arcade go. i was supposed to take a trip up there before the flood


andy and chie always treated everybody with respect and courtesy

its a shame to see such a good community suffer like this

rip tga :’(


Can this be stickied in EVERY forum to get the word out? I don’t play much anymore, but TGA was always fun and had the best comp. I’ll donate but last time I tried paypal it was messed up. Any address I can send a check to (I can send it to TGA unless another address is more convenient)?


If it wasnt for TGA i wouldnt be playing right now. Andy’s dream was coming true and everything was going great…but mother nature is fucked up @ times. I hope andy is ok and can stay on his feet and i will do whatever i can to help.


hey guys, thanks for the kind words and thoughts. Right now im tryin to contact andy to see whats up with the donations/fundraisers, but at the moment he is MIA. but i’ll keep this updated for yall and again we appreciate everyones love.



Definitely keep us updated, Gavin. TGA was a great place and I’m happy I was able to visit there twice before this unfortunate event. If there are gonna be any fundraisers going on, I’m down to help any way I can.


Wow I never saw this coming. I’m so sorry to hear this. I really wish I could’ve made the pilgrimage there but never got the chance to. Good luck with the auction and I hope everything works out for you guys. Fuckin sucks things like this have to happen to good businesses and good people.


Wow… just… wow.

Don’t know what to say right now, I’ll have something up at some point.


God that is wrong. Andy and Chie deserved the world for what they did.

He gave the Melty Blood community a chance when noone else gave a flying fuck for it, it was worth the fourteen hours it took just to get there every damn time. I have nothing but utmost respect for the guy.

Let us know when you can get money in for donations / fund raising, I’m sure we all want to help as best we can.


That fucking sucks. I wish I had a reliable car and the fortitude to drive 3 hours to play a bit more.

An EC arcade won’t work outside of NY it seems. Power Up in Maine died in 05, TGA got all our DDR Machines and the American marvel cab, now TGA going out in 09.

Guaranteed a lot of the fault of TGA closing up is this wonderful economic situation we got world wide now.

Best of luck with the auction and everything else.


this really sucks. I was always in the music game room but just recently i’ve gotten really into fighters and whatnot so i was really psyched to start playing some of the ranking battles at TGA

a fundraiser sounds good but man $500,000 dollars just to keep his family off the streets? Although i’d love to see TGA back up and running it seems out of reach.


I almost fucking cried when I read that post on This is the saddest thing I’ve heard in ages. We should definitely donate as much as possible to Andy to pay him back for all his hard work for us. He’s changed the gaming community on the EC forever. I deeply regret not being able to go there every weekend because of my tight weekend work schedule - I still am in complete shock that this is even happening. Ugh I can’t even arrange my thoughts.

What I know: Andy, Chie, Gavin, all the regulars: you guys kick ass. Much respect, and the best of luck to you all. I’ll do my very best to see you in May.