Tokyo Game Action presents: SBO East Coast Qualifier *Updated Results*

Team TGA-USA**

Fubarduck (Chun Li)
KOfiend (Yang)
Mopreme (Ken)

Team TGA-USA**

Nestor (CE Bison)
Mopreme (CE Ryu)


SFIII:3s (30 entries)

Tournament #1

From Top 8 bracket:

KOfiend vs Sidewinder
Eric Kim vs **Gavin Yip
**Nestor vs Fubarduck
Smoothcat vs Gootecks

Semi Finals:

Gavin Yip vs Sidewinder
**Fubarduck **vs Gootecks

Gavin Yip vs Fubarduck

Winner of Tournament #1 and team captain of “Team TGA-USA”: Ryan Harvey

Top 8 Results
1 Ryan Harvey aka Fubarduck (Chun Li)**
2 Gavin Yip (Chun Li)
3 Ryan Gulierrez aka Gootecks (Urien)
3 Sidewinder aka Sandybags (Hugo)
5 Smoothcat (Chun Li)
5 Nestor Corchado (Yun)
5 Eric Kim (Makoto)
5 Jonathan Sung aka KOfiend (Yang)

Tournament #2

From Top 8 bracket:

Phoun Siriphong vs Flare
Ed Ma vs Andy
Therapist vs Da Wall
KOfiend vs Gootecks

Semi Finals:

Phoun vs Ed Ma
Therapist vs KOfiend


Ed Ma vs KOfiend

Winner of Tournament #2: Jonathan Sung aka KOfiend

Top 8 Results:
1 Jonathan Sung **(Yang)
2 Ed Ma (Ken)
3 Kevin Orcult (Gouki)
3 Phoun Siriphong (Dudley)
5 Ryan Gulierrez (Urien)
5 Paul Wall (Gouki)
5 Andy McGuire (Q)
5 Shaun Flaherty (Ryu)

Tournament #3

From Top 8 bracket:

Mr. Quotes vs Eric Kim
Mopreme vs Alfred Masri
Gootecks vs Phoun
Ed Ma vs Paul Wall

Semi Finals:

Eric Kim vs **Mopreme **
Gootecks vs Ed Ma


Ed Ma vs Mopreme

Winner of Tournament #3: Mark Rogoyski aka Mopreme

Top 8 Results:
1 Mark Rogoyski (Ken)**
2 Ed Ma (Ken)
3 Ryan Gulierrez (Urien)
3 Eric Kim (Makoto)
5 Paul Wall (Gouki)
5 Phoun Siriphong (Dudley)
5 Alfred Masri (Ryu)
5 Josh Sunarso aka Mr Quotes (Makoto)

Hyper Street Fighter: Anniversary Edition

Tournament #1 (10 entries)
1 Nestor (CE Bison)**
2 Paul Wall
3 Ralph
3 Smoothcat

Tournament #2**

1 Mark Rogoyski (CE Ryu)**
2 Song Taing
3 Ralph Brown
3 Ernest

Video footage of the SFIII:3s Top 8’s will be posted soooooooonnnnnnn!!!

Congrats to Fubarduck!

wow good shit fubarduck

motherfuckin QUACK!!

good shit fubar

Wow, so I guess Justin really didn’t enter.


Holy shit.

Monster Hugo.

Good Shit Ryan !

it’s like i’ve been saying for the past month, it looks like a lot of the best players don’t have the finances and time to go to SBO this year (due to it only being 2 weeks away from EVO World). everyone is opting to go to World. So, looks like these tournaments are wide open…

I’m rooting for KOfiend and a Team Hate member (Nestor, Smooth, J Juice, Paul Wall etc.) to get the final 2 spots for 3s.

As for AE, no word on if NKI even showed up…could be a total toss up :looney:


Speak of the devil, KOFiend just qualified and took the second 3s spot!

Go gootecks! (or smooth, he’s tight too)

First post updated!

gs fiend, come on ryan…


Nestor qualifies for AE for the first spot!

The final 3s spot, and the last AE spot, TOMORROW!

One thing to clear the air:

if you lose in the first/second tourney of your game, you can STILL enter all other tournies.

so for example, KOFiend lost in the first 3s tourney but won the second.

some people are asking why the top 8 were so drastically different. well, keep in mind that Chun was taken up by Fubarduck in the first tourney…so in the 2nd/3rd tournies nobody can pick her…and this, paired with some upsets, can make som drastically different results.

tomorrow, we finish up the EC quals with 3s and AE. any guesses?

I’m guessing Wall for AE. Is he using ST Guile/Honda in this?

all i know is that Nestor won with CE bison so CE bison is now out for tomorrow.

also KOFiend won with Yang.

so CE bison is gone from AE, and chun li/Yang are out of 3s.

who will win tomorrow??

Gooo Eric

go Edma or Ryan, take that spot, CGs to Fubar an KOfiend

Hell yeah go sandybags :slight_smile:

HSF2 tournament with CE Bison banned… who would have thought that the last HSF2 tournament would be the best one ever?

If I were a betting man, I’d think the last spot would probably either go to Gooteks or Ed Ma, since they both can still use their mains, and placed well before.