Tokyo Game Action presents: TGA Ranking Battle and Special Guests from Japan!

Hey, can someone help me out with how the hell to get to there and possibly housing?

I’ll take directions from NYC if it makes it easier…

Anyone ;p?

Update: I dont think Issei will be able to make it to this event. But the rest of team japan will be able to come, and so will KOfiend :smiley:

Master Chibi- The directions are at the bottom of the first post but here it is:


From 95 North, take the EXIT towards 495 North.

  • From 495 N, take EXIT 29B, then that’ll be Rt.2 WEST. (20-30 min drive)

  • From Rt. 2 W, take EXIT 24B, then tha’ll be Rt.140 NORTH. (10-15 min drive)

  • From Rt. 140 N, keep going straight down for about 15 min.

  • Eventually you are going to run on a little bridge with a pond on your right, from there take a RIGHT onto Beech Street.

  • At the end of Beech St., take a right onto 5 Summer Dr. and you’ll see our beloved

Oh no no, I’m not driving.

I want metro train / bus directions.

Also house my ass!


oooo… bus… hold up, i’lll get back to you on that.

Edit: Apparently there is no direct way from NY to TGA. Youll have to take the south station from boston to the north station. Then take a commuter rail to Leominster, MA. And then someone will have to pick you up. le sigh…

How far out is that from you ;p?

so who wants to be on my team for 3s?

gavin whats good? hope u remember me from t5 pools at evo east (paiks boy). i may be coming to this, possibly with MD.

:tup: #1! Good shit alex, whats the head count look like?

not too sure if we are coming, but if we do, should be atleast 4-5 of us.

u guys should up the entry fee for cvs2 and 3s should be 10$ and other games should be five or atleast make it 5 for every game. I understand its a ranking battle but it will help the players who paid to travel to the event. Either way ill be there it sucks how tga is so far away now i miss going every thurs and sat…

heh, looks like some people are hungry for that money! :wgrin:

Just to clear things up, in case some people are not familiar with our format: the reason why we like to keep it at $2 entry fee, instead of $5 and up:

  1. This way people can enter MORE games rather than enter just one game. (if its $5 a game, you could fit 2 game entries rather than just 1, and if its $10 then that could equal 5 game entries, get the idea?)
  2. People have more money to do “Dinner matches” (yes i said dinner) with players you would like to face off for.
  3. Traveling to TGA alone is pricey cuz of the drive up. So more gas money the better.
  4. People might wanna spend money on food/drinks.
  5. Evo World is the week after.
  6. The last reason: everyone keeps telling me they are poor and they wanna play more, well… this is a way to solve that problem.

But again, majority rules, so we’ll see during the event (or if there are enough replies to this matter before that time) if we should change the fee or not.

:lovin: :lovin: :lovin:

what was that no gouki in st tourney comment directed at me lol
i never played him in tourney except 1 time in fall river a few years back against brandon

when i was playing him at tga it was just to piss off the scrubs and fuck with joey crack

just a reminder to you sirr :wink:

It doesn’t matter what the entry fee is,

It doesn’t matter how many people show up,

It doesn’t fucking MATTER if Japan is coming.

The King of HATE will be there to crush fools in ST! They’ll need a squeegie to clean the scrubs off the fucking walls when I’m done with them.

This’ll be a great exhibition for me before EVO…

I’m moving the next day so I’ll come up for one more.

hahha fucking phil

and you’re still playing josh??? :confused: good shit! :tup:

Team Hate will be there in full effect, this is gonna be good pratice before evo

I’m currently in new york…

We were outside CF the other day… and KOFiend and Justin were talking about comming to this. They both trying to make it, but they wanted the entries to be 10 bucks. I told them that Gavin had his heart all set on the whole ranbat thing. Justin replied, “dude this isn’t Japan”… I rofl’ed as I said “I know”…
It seems to me like everyone doesnt like the 2 dollar fee. How about we do a poll and see who wants it to be 2 bucks and who wants it higher.
I think Pauly has the right idea. Cvs and 3S should be 10 bucks, A3, mc2, Slash, and ST should be 5 bucks.
I also think we should have a 3s singles tourney. I can always run it. We can bring tvs and do it on the ps2.

Maybe it’s an hour or so away from Worcester, but it’s definitely longer than an hour away from Boston. It’s gotta be at least an hour and a half.

It’s right up on the NH border.